What is hydromassage

What is hydromassage

The hydromassage gains ground among hardware methods of medical massage. Introduction of this way of treatment to practice has considerably deepened and has expanded physiological impact of massage.

The hydromassage represents intensive influence of water under the strong pressure upon all body or its certain sites. During the general hydromassage, all body is exposed to the procedure, at local the water jets go to certain site of your body (legs, hands, vertebral department or stomach). This procedure effectively and harmoniously unites in itself features of thermotherapy, treatment by the movement, water and massage. Each of components can be used separately, but the combination of all components yields new feelings and great results.

Hydromassage it gives pleasure from water influence, after it the feeling of cheerfulness and freshness appears. Water massage takes off fatigue and tension, saves from stresses. Besides, the improving effect of the procedure is important, - it gives tone to muscles and fabrics, improves work of lymphatic and venous systems, activating process of metabolism and blood circulation, promotes weight reduction.

The hydromassage restores elasticity of vessels and strengthens their walls and also is great way to correct own figure by reduction of cellulitis and fat deposits. Water massage rejuvenates and purifies skin, considerably increases intake of nutrients, oxygenating cage, bringing toxins and slags out of organism. Powerful water jets reduce spasms, reduce excitability and relieve pain. This procedure is capable to accelerate restoration of motive functions, to improve work of digestive tract, to increase mobility in joints of backbone and extremities. Hydromassage bathtubs are shown at disease of peripheral nervous system, the musculoskeletal device, sleep disorder and syndrome of chronic fatigue, hypostases of various origin and metabolic disorders. The hydromassage of legs is useful to treatment and prevention of varicosity. However at such useful procedure there are contraindications: fever, sharp infections, skin diseases, urolithic disease, myocardial infarction, thrombophlebitises, oncological diseases, hypertension and ischemic disease 2-3 degrees.

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