What is laser nanoperforation of the person

What is laser nanoperforation of the person

nanoperforation call microscopic piercings of face skin by means of laser beams. This procedure is carried out for the purpose of updating of integuments. Result of nanoperforation – more smooth and tightened face skin, reduction of wrinkles and narrowing of time, disposal of scars, hems, pigmental spots and other defects.

Women resort to laser nanoperforation generally. Those which want to hide cosmetic defects, or age changes which are reflected first of all in face. In some cases physicians and professionals of clinics of beauty and health register this method as the most effective in comparison with others.

The expert can appoint laser nanoperforation to those patients to whom different ways of treatment and correction do not suit for health reasons.

By means of laser nanoperforation it is possible to solve such problems: - superficial age and mimic wrinkles;

- the floated face form; - the small hems and scars including which have remained after pimples, burns, cuts and chicken pox; - pigmental spots; - vascular reticulum and asterisks; - the increased time, etc.

When passing laser nanoperforation use of the special equipment which has undergone the corresponding licensing and certification is provided. Therefore when choosing beauty shop or clinic of esthetic medicine it is necessary to pay attention to availability of necessary documents to the equipment and also qualification of the expert. Just before the procedure the cosmetologist puts on on the patient's eyes special glasses in order to avoid injuries of gentle retina. During the procedure by means of special nozzle skin is influenced by the laser stream creating thousands of microbeams which as if puncture (perforate) skin. These beams stimulate process of natural recovery of epidermis at the expense of own resources. As a result in organism the production of collagen and elastin – the substances which are responsible for elasticity and smoothness of skin becomes active. In other words, laser nanoperforation starts regeneration process, and already through several procedures skin is tightened, wrinkles are smoothed, pores are narrowed, the elasticity and tone increase. Besides, the relief of integuments considerably improves, extensions, scars and hems are smoothed. In general face skin takes fresh form.

All procedure lasts 20-30 minutes. Duration depends on complexity of work and the chosen mode and settings of the device. Due to dispersion of beams on the surface of skin no damages happen.

It is considered that laser nanoperforation – the painless procedure. It not always so. Sometimes the cosmetologist makes the decision on anesthesia of certain sites of the person which it should do by means of special ointment. The fact is that some people have the lowered pain threshold, or they have extremely thin skin therefore during the procedure which feels most of patients they can perceive possible easy pricking as intolerable pain. A lot of things depend also on condition of the processed zones, the chosen influence mode the laser, etc. In the majority people have no unpleasant feelings during the procedure. And here after it (in about 2-3 hours) patients can record face reddening. It is the result of expansion of capillaries caused by work of laser impulses, and intensive rush of blood to them. No discomfort at the same time usually is felt. The redness falls down in 2-3 days, and then the amazing result of laser nanoperforation – the smooth, equal and shining skin, the tightened face form and the rejuvenated look in general becomes visible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team