What is ""lunar manicure""

What is ""lunar manicure""

Initially lunar manicure has been thought up for creation of certain effect - by means of special combination of two shades of varnish the nails were visually shortened. Popular this reception was made by Christian Dior. The fashion designer chose lunar manicure for the majority of the displays thanks to what the interesting idea has drawn attention of the most experienced fashionistas.

It is required to you

  • - dark varnish
  • - light varnish
  • - template for the French manicure
  • - transparent covering for nails


1. The equipment of lunar manicure is very simple. The main feature of this reception is the combination of varnish shades absolutely incompatible at first sight. Manicure can be made in classical quiet tones or to turn it into bright youth trend. The equipment has received the name for the account of allocation of ""holes"" at the basis of nail plate.

2. At first it is necessary to process nails - to remove residues of varnish, to degrease nail plate and to carry out standard procedures of manicure for processing of cuticle. Then the special strengthening covering is applied on nail, however such stage obligatory is not. Here everything depends on what means you use usually.

3. Accurately paste strips for service jacket (or the French manicure) on the middle of nail. At the basis of nail plate put layer of dark varnish, then unstick strip and wait for drying of covering. Putting light varnish on the rest of nail plate will become the second stage. If desired it is possible to use the additional fixing resources.

4. Lunar manicure can be combined with additional decor. Special stickers, rhinestones or appliques are for this purpose used. Drawings will also not spoil such manicure, and will only underline identity and brightness.

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