What is manicure "panda" and as it is correct to make it

What is manicure "panda" and as it is correct to make it

Manicure in animalistic style will help to create fashionable and slightly thoughtless image. Such nails will approach sports, eclectic or scandalous clothes and will not allow the owner to remain unnoticed. Try to represent amusing muzzles of panda - such contrast black-and-white manicure will decorate any hands.

What is necessary for manicure

Manicure "Panda" looks difficult, however even the girl who is not able to draw will be able to represent on nails of muzzle of little wild beasts. That manicure has turned out accurate, perform all its stages without hurrying, carefully drying varnish.

Choose dense enamel which can be applied in one layer. You need black and white varnish for muzzle of panda and also background enamel of any pastel shade - pink, blue, cream. For fixing of manicure and giving of luster to it pick up shining top drying.

Nails can be decorated, having added small rhinestones or pearls - they will be well combined with the image of panda.

That the drawing has turned out equal, in advance make cliches in the form of arches of paper adhesive tape. Also ready stickers from set will be suitable for the French manicure. For convenience use metal dots - stick with balls on the ends, it is convenient to them to put ends of the different size. If there is no dots, take wooden toothpick and cut off tip sharp knife that it became flat.

We draw panda

Put nails in order, having given them the identical length and the form. The drawing most effective looks on oval or square plates. Remove cuticle and grind plate polishing bar. Then cover nails with protective base in one or two layers. Make up nails background varnish of pastel shade. Well dry up it and attach cliches in the form of arches the convex party down. Paint over upper part of nail dense white enamel, and then accurately remove cliches. On nails there will be white circle - preparation for muzzle of panda. Drip black enamel on the sheet of dense paper. Dip ball of dots in varnish and put to white background the end - eyes and nose. On border of white varnish draw dotsy round ears. Wipe stick and dry up covering.

That varnish hardened quicker, use aerosol drying.

Dip ball in white enamel and put small patches of light in eyes. The final stage - thick layer of transparent top drying. If you want to decorate manicure, attach several small rhinestones, and then cover them with top. The thick layer of upper covering will level nails and will protect varnish from chips. It is possible to decorate long nails a little differently. Paint over free edge background in color, and draw panda on the middle of nail. For bigger conviviality the manicure can be added with spangles. Dip thin brush in silvery enamel and make several strokes on drawing contour. Issue free edge dotsy, having put small points small peas white varnish.

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