What is meant by cobra tattoo on hand

What is meant by cobra tattoo on hand

Tattoo — remarkable way to express itself, the internal essence. Images of cats, wolves, hawks and other animals serve this purpose. Very popular option for tattoo is the image of snake, most often cobras.

Symbol of what is the cobra?

People since ancient times distinguished cobra from other snakes. In the different countries she is considered symbol of danger, the power, wisdom, fertility, revival, meanness and favor. In many ancient cultures the cobra was considered sacred animal.

In Ancient Egypt the cobra was associated with next world. Found cobras who had to serve protection of dead governors in tombs of some Pharaohs. The cobra with the dismissed hood was placed on wreaths of Pharaohs. People of Egypt were respectful to this being and caution.

In India the cobra is still considered sacred animal, there it is symbol of the recognized power. It is considered good sign to see this snake close. The most known snake in the Indian mythology is magic It is nude which stores treasures in the abandoned temple and follows god Shiva. In the Buddhism the cobra is considered the keeper or the defender. One of myths tells about how the royal cobra has covered the sleeping Buddha with the hood from the scorching beams of the sun. In the Buddhism the cobra symbolizes also the suppressed instincts. The seven-domed cobra serves as the sign of connection of the sky and earth in many east cultures. The unique ability of snake to rejuvenescence by dropping old skin can be perceived as symbol of updating of life or immortality. As female symbol the cobra is often taken for the patroness of fertility or motherhood.

Subjective perception

Thanks to polysemy of cobra as symbol, it is impossible to tell with definiteness that the person puts in tattoo with its image. To understand it, it is necessary to know context — what the person to what religious faith he belongs what beliefs has is interested in. It should be noted that placement of cobra on hand does not bear any additional sense, this quite logical place is simple to put similar to tattoo. Men put tattoo with the image of cobra to emphasize that they possess certain power. The cobra on hand or other parts of body can report that its carrier the dangerous person. Women do themselves tattoos with the image of cobra to emphasize sexuality, obolstitelnost, grace. The cobra can speak about the realized duality of female nature, it at the same time is both ruthless the murderer and the recognized healer.

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