What is meant by tattoo - ladybug?

What is meant by tattoo - ladybug?

Tattoos with ladybug are very popular now. Thanks to the bright coloring and charm, these tiny creations are capable to decorate any part of body on the present. But not all think that this beautiful insect can serve as very good symbol and act as charm.

Already name of this little nice insect speaks for itself. "God's" definition was attached to it from time immemorial and has made his owner, ladybug, symbol something very light, divine. Therefore the owner of tattoo with ladybug, and is mainly girls, even without knowing about various interpretation of meaning of this symbol, can not doubt correctness of the choice of the image.

Legends and myths of ladybug.

However, one of legends allows to judge ladybug as about symbol of frivolity and levity. Like, in ladybug god Thunderer Perun has turned into punishment for treason the wife. But all this exception which confirms the rule once again. And the rule it says that in all ancient legends the ladybug personifies especially positive image.

At Catholics it is identified with Virgin Mary. Slavs have "bride of the sun". Some people have symbol of the sun and fertility. Others have been convinced that the insect it lives in heaven and only occasionally goes down to people on the earth to help to inform of their prayers to gods. Besides, was considered that it delivers and preserves against misfortune. In some beliefs it was claimed that this insect serves as some kind of link between our world and the other world. Some traditions of fortune-telling are connected with it.

features of tattoos with ladybug

Today the majority of these symbols of ladybug have not lost the value. However, having decided to apply the image of this bug to the body, girls have to consider some symbolical features. Especially it concerns quantity of specks on back of this God's creature. One speck means success in undertaking. Two - achievement of internal and external harmony. Three specks will always help with adoption of the correct decisions. Four - will save from enemies and troubles, five - promise support in creativity, six - in study. As God's embodiment of grace and immense happiness serve seven specks. Also the ladybug combination on tattoo to any symbol of good luck will be appropriate. For example, with shamrock or horseshoe. Experts claim that the tattoo with ladybug should be applied on open parts of the body. First, this creation beautifully in itself. And secondly, for the person trusting in mascots and charms, this image will always be source of self-confidence and good mood.

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