What is mehendi

What is mehendi

is art of painting of body patterns from special henna (I want to emphasize that henna is used special, but not that which is on sale in shops for hair-dyeing).

The drawing henna - remarkable way to decorate the body! First, it is absolutely safe and absolutely painless procedure (henna is substance of plant origin). Secondly, the drawing keeps on body about two weeks (on the one hand, does not manage to bother, and with another, allows the person who wants constant tattoo, to make the final decision). Thirdly, costs not much and it is quickly put.

The favorable decision is to make mehendi before trip to holiday. Two weeks you pass with the bright dark drawing and when it gradually descends, on the suntan which is already formed by then there will be white pattern!

There is opinion that mehendi has appeared in India. But, most likely, it has got there only in the 12th century. In this country and now painting by henna is widespread. Directly on the street for kopeks can put you the beautiful drawing. Mehendi is capable to surprise people only at us, in the same place it is in the order of things. Most likely, painting art by henna originates in Ancient Egypt.

As the drawing henna becomes

Traditionally the pattern is put with thin metal or wooden stick, it is also possible to use brush, the syringe-kulechek or ready henna in tube. Patterns are put as by hand, and on cliche.

After drawing, paint has to dry 6-8 hours. At this time it is undesirable to wet it water, it will be ideal if to allow the formed crust to descend most. It is also desirable to blot several times after paste drying up the drawing with special oil for mehendi or to sprinkle lemon juice. In this case the drawing will be brighter and will longer keep.

Be not frightened that the drawing right after drawing bright orange. In 24-48 hours the pattern will become usual dark cinnamon color.

It is possible to apply mehendi anywhere – on hands, legs, shoulders, back, tummy. In a word, everything depends only on your personal preferences. The drawing will hold on about three weeks, everything depends on the chosen place and that how often it gets under water. As you can guess, from hands of mehendi is washed away most quicker. If the drawing has faded or has bothered, just steam out in bathtub, rub it bast – and you are free!

As it is correct to look after mehendi

  • • Do not wash the drawing within at least 8 hours after its drawing. Ideally mehendi is put in the evening and go to bed with it.
  • • Next day rub mustard or almond oil in the drawing.
  • • Before acceptance of shower it is desirable to wipe the drawing with any oil besides.
  • • The drawing is better not to lather and not to rub, and just to rinse with water.

Also you remember – it is not necessary to be upset if the favourite drawing has faded or it was even already washed away. It can always be made once again!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team