What is meykap

What is meykap

Meykap - the word borrowed from English and translated as make-up. Today meykap is the whole art capable not only to hide shortcomings, but also to completely change the person.

At all times women tried to emphasize the beauty. In Ancient Egypt women, and not only women, resorted to cosmetics to give to the face unique beauty. And Pharaohs emphasized with shooters of the Egyptian beauty of eyes. Greek women tried to obtain flush of cheeks by means of iris juice. Romans made up eyebrows and eyelids, bleached skin, gave color to lips and hair.

Correct meykap has to be imperceptible and seem natural. On such make-up much more time is usually spent. You should not apply foundation or powder with several layers. It creates effect of old and painful skin. And frequent putting cream and powder leads to appearance of wrinkles.

It is the best of all if it is hypoallergenic and quality as cheap cosmetics can cause not only rash, but also skin ulcers or Quincke's edema.

Mistakes in make-up - the phenomenon widespread. There is a lot of them, but it is possible to distinguish five most frequent and essential mistakes.1 from them. The wrong tone - the mistake most of which often is shown in the soiled collars. There is it so: foundation was put both on face, and on neck that the skin color on neck matched complexion. The rule says - if the tone changes skin shade, it means it is picked incorrectly up. Selection of tone of cream depends on complexion. When choosing cream it is necessary to test color on maxillary bone, but not on wrist as do many. Only then the tone will be picked up correctly. 2. Use of blush instead of shadows - frequent delusion of women. Often they, wishing to save time, use blush as shadows. It is the gross blunder, especially if blush of pink shades. Such shades give to eyes the inflamed, tear-stained and tired look. It will not occur if to use golden or beige blush.3. The accurate contour of lips does not lose the fans. Time when it was fashionable, in the past long ago. Now it looks vulgarly. The contour of lips has to correspond to tone of lipstick or to be one tone lighter or is more dark. 4. Gloss surplus on lips - mistake of lovers of chubby lips. Several flyings ago lip gloss was at the peak of popularity. It naturally looks and does lips juicy and brilliant. But it should not be abused: large amount of gloss creates effect of the fact that the woman ate something fat. Also you should not apply gloss on chubby lips and over lipsticks of bright color not to lose natural beauty.5. The "drawn" eyebrows even if everything is made accurately, create comical image. Especially it concerns women with light skin and hair. Also not naturally the wrong portrayal of eyebrows looks. For the correct make-up of eyebrows at first it is necessary to give it the form suitable your face. For portrayal it is better to use shadows in color of eyebrows and the pointed applicator, but not pencil. Eyebrows have to look naturally.

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