What is micellar water

What is micellar water

water will already read to gain popularity, but one more novelty under the name micellar water has appeared. This means for skin rather new and its main advantage is the fact that it does not contain alkali at all, but at the same time possesses the unique cleaning action.

What is micellar water

On external properties micellar water does not differ from usual water at all – it has no smell and color, but at the same time has unique effect on skin – softly cleans from pollution, helps to remove residues of cosmetics. Micellar water can be even used at care for sensitive skin of eyes.

The secret of micellar water consists in micelles – esters of fatty acids which provide the unique cleaning properties of this cosmetic. Micelles kind of cling pollution and reliably delete them from skin, at the same time micellar water does not leave fat film and feeling of tightness.

How to use micellar waterMicellar water is applied as well as – apply any skin care product a little on cotton pad and wipe with quiet massage movements face. It is not obligatory to wash after that, but cosmetologists recommend to apply the moisturizing cream to skin.

Of course, micellar water can be used also for washing, however such way will be quite expensive. By the way, micellar water – great way to refresh skin during summer heat.

It is especially remarkable that micellar water has no contraindications, does not cause allergic reactions and it can be applied to any type of skin. The fact is that this means was initially created for the small children and people having various diseases of skin.

There is one restriction on use of micellar water – oily skin. After clarification by this means on it the feeling of film on face can appear, however micellar water will not strengthen greasy luster. 

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