What is necessary for eyelash extension

What is necessary for eyelash extension

long eyelashes do your glance speaking and attracting. Today their volume can be increased not only by means of ink, but also thanks to the effective procedure of eyelash extension.

This procedure wins the increasing popularity because of convenience, notable result for a short time, safety, painlessnesses and because eyelashes keep long enough. The cost of this pleasure is not too big.

Before beginning the procedure, it is necessary to remove ink from eyelashes, to degrease them. For traditional building bunches from several artificial cilia are used: they are pasted on natural. About an hour occupies such method of building, the effect remains from week to one month. But this way has also minus: if one eyelash, then with it together – the whole bunch drops out.

More practical method – on the Japanese technology: eyelashes are pasted on one feature. The laborious, long procedure (two-three hours last), but the eyelashes increased on such way look about a month fantastically, and in general keep up to three months. Glue for building is used special, made on pitch basis, two flowers – black and colourless. On external corners of eyes eyelashes are pasted more long, and shorter intend for the most upper point of century. Thus receive mysterious, speaking glance. By means of building it is possible to change eye shape according to your desire: to raise, extend. If long eyelashes to arrange on external corners, the eye shape will become more extended. If corners of eyes are lowered, it is possible to bend tips of the increased eyelashes to raise them. The effect will be resistant about three months on condition of correcting of eyelashes of some times in two-three weeks. Then it will be possible to resort to building again. But constantly you should not do this procedure, it is recommended to give rest to eyelashes that they have not thinned for one and a half-two months. Well during break to support them with the restoring medicines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team