What is necessary for lamination

What is necessary for lamination

Lamination of hair is hairdresser's service which promotes prevention of washing away of color, prevents increase in fragility of hair and increases showiness of laying for the long period of time.

Lamination of hair represents rather new hairdresser's service. At usual leaving there is improvement of their state for rather short period, times sometimes only before the first washing, and lamination gives to hair the healthy, beautiful, shining view and at the same time still dazzling gloss approximately for month.

Lamination implies the procedure of covering the breathing, thin, transparent chemical film which prevents washing away of color, closes gaps in the damaged places on hair, condenses them and prevents traumatizing. To carry out the safe and qualitative procedure of lamination of hair, the skilled master and rather big financial expenses will be required.

The procedure of lamination can be made also in house conditions. This option will be cheaper, but it is necessary to have the successful experience gained earlier in conditions when the professional master of lamination carried out this action visually with sensible councils and explanations for the client for implementation of such operation. To carry out the correct lamination it is necessary to perform for a start operations on careful clarification and hair recovery before their vestments in laminate. It is necessary to strengthen and recover hair anyway. Never it is necessary to consider lamination any panacea which will prevent from any kind of section or fragility of hair. All professional hairdressers constantly remind of it, by the way. Nutritious biological active agents which are external board are part of film laminate, but nevertheless it is necessary for several weeks before the procedure of lamination to be engaged in complete recovery of hair as the hair will be stronger and healthier, the more effectively they will look as a result.

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