What is patchouli

What is patchouli

is unique shrubby plant which leaves have antiseptic, tonic and febrifugal properties. Thanks to stability of its pleasant resinous and tart and at the same time bitterish and smoky aroma the plant began to be used for preparation of the essential oil having beneficial influence on health of all human body.

Patchouli: description of plant, sphere of its application

Patchouli is the plant belonging to family of mint family. Its homeland are Philippines, but it meets and on other islands relating to tropical belt. By the form patchouli it is similar to forb which height and diameter vary within 70–100 cm. Fragrant shirokoyaytsevidny leaves have the gear form, and white or pale lilac flowers of plant are collected in brush. Its fruits are provided by nutlets.

In the conditions of negative temperatures and dry soils the plant cannot live – temperature exceeding 20 degrees and also high humidity of the soil is necessary for it. From tropics it has got to Abkhazia and has turned into the one-year culture which is grown up by rooting of shanks in greenhouses and landing of saplings to the open ground.

The cultivation purpose patchouli is receiving essential oil – important component in production of perfumery. With 1 hectare of the field on which grows patchouli it is possible to collect up to 10 kg of essential oil. Received from young leaves by steam distillation, it has the specific aroma created on the basis of pachuliyevy alcohol – pachulol, and sesquiterpenic hydrocarbons.

Advantage of essential oil patchouli

Useful properties of essential oil patchouli can be listed indefinitely. As medicine it is used for treatment of dermatological diseases, by alignments of scars and smoothing of hems. For this purpose 5 drops of oil connect patchouli to 1 tablespoon of sesame oil. Quickly to achieve improvement of condition of skin, problem sites should be processed daily. For stabilization of activity of nervous system oil inhalations patchouli will be useful. For the purpose of elimination of inflammatory processes in intestines it is applied to microenemas for what 30 ml of base oil dilute with 3 drops of oil patchouli. Thanks to diuretic effect of this universal medicine it is possible to remove puffiness, to cure any disorders of digestion and to get rid of infectious diseases. In cosmetology essential oil patchouli has found broad application. Being present at composition of creams and person and body care products, it does skin healthy, vigorous, humidified and also regulates activity of sebaceous glands. Added to shampoos and hair balms, oil patchouli does them stronger and promotes disappearance of dandruff. In perfumery it is usually applied at production of the perfumed means to men. As a part of some perfume for women essential oil patchouli is also present, giving to aroma of warmth, gummosity and easy bitterness. As aphrodisiac it makes the powerful stimulating impact on the sexual sphere of the person, saving from sexual coldness and powerlessness.

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