What is porous hair

What is porous hair

Accurate hairstyle – integral part of image of the well-groomed woman. However not always hair in the necessary degree give in to modeling, coloring and other procedures. Often the reason for that – availability of time on hair. Coloring can unpleasantly surprise the owner of such head of hear: the painting pigment much rather "is also "more deeply absorbed" by porous hair and the shade turns out much more saturated, than it was expected. However, paint also quickly is washed away, as well as applied.

Why hair can become porous?

Definition "porous hair" can be taken literally. At influence of various aggressive factors there is "raising" of scales of hair owing to what time is formed.

Owners of porous hair should minimize hot waves, drying phenom, coloring by aggressive dyes and frequent laying.

Open time is capable to absorb in themselves dust, dirt and various hazardous substances. Such components get into the depth of structure of hair because of what they fade, grow dull, tarnish also well-groomed look. Healthy hair have to be elastic, elastic, smooth, it is beautiful to cast. Porous look inexpressive and lifeless.

Unbalanced food at which the organism has deficiency of protein can provoke formation of peculiar "holes" on hair. Also washing of head of hear hard water can become the reason.

Porous hair care

The correct and careful porous hair care is simply necessary. First of all they demand treatment. Try to do without frequent sushka phenom, laying by nippers and the iron as influence of the heated surfaces and hot air increase problem, resulting in excessive dryness and fragility.

Effective for treatment of porous hair will be also masks made on the basis of whey.

Various balms and conditioners will be suitable for treatment. They will saturate porous hair with useful substances, will make its surface more smooth and elastic. Whenever possible use professional reducing agents.

Hairstyle of porous hair

In case hair strongly are also deeply damaged and exhausted by sushka, waves and other procedures, it is necessary to cut them to give them accurate look. Certainly, it is a pity to shear long locks, but it is worth it as from root they will grow already strong and healthy. If the owner of such hair does not want to cut off strongly them, it is possible to truncate locks only a few. In these cases the step hairstyles reducing the excessive volume and density of head of hear and facilitating care for it will approach. There is way of hairstyle hot scissors which can have very opportunely to the owner of porous hair. Under the influence of different adverse factors the tips of hair are split, and they should be sheared. The hot hairstyle "solders" such tips, doing them oval what they also have to be by nature. Besides, it is possible to use service of keratinaceous hair straightening which is offered in beauty shops.

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