What is remover for hair

What is remover for hair

Day by day it is boring to look identical. Therefore many women rather often experiment with coloring of hair to bring a little novelty in shape. Considerably it is impossible to change hair color without preliminary procedures.

What is washing of hair

In the hairdresser's environment use the term "dekapirovaniye". Understand the special procedure and means intended for care for the hair which have undergone unsuccessful coloring as it. It is capable to remove the painting pigment from hair, returning them natural color.

Most often the dekapirovaniye is applied at discontent of the woman with result of coloring. Especially if hair have been painted in rather dark color. If desired ladies to change shade of hair, having made them is several tones lighter, the remover is also necessary. Sometimes the dekapirovaniye is practiced completely to get rid of paint and to return to hair their natural natural color.

Types of washing of hair

Now superficial and deep removers are most widespread. Large amount of the oxidizers and other chemical compounds which are not well affecting structure of hair is part of each of them. At what the deep dekapirovaniye is capable to neutralize even dark pigments, but at the same time it does also considerable harm to hair.

The deep remover for hair contains peroxide of hydrogen and ammonia in the structure.

The procedure of remover in salon is rather fast and takes no more than an hour. The superficial dekapirovaniye which was more sparing, but it powerlessly if desired is cardinal to change image, from the brunette in the blonde. However it is capable to level and to correct color a little. Anyway after the procedure of remover, hair need obligatory additional leaving. It includes both intake of vitamins, and various masks, balms, cream applied on all length of hair. And if hair are too weakened after coloring, it is better to hold off remover.

Natural remover for hair

To get rid of not pleasant color, after coloring of hair it is possible also in house conditions. One of means most available for this purpose is kefir. In small capacity mix liter of dairy drink, 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Perfectly will be suitable for these purposes olive, burdock or castoric oils. Apply mix on hair. Put on hat, wrap up the head with towel and you go so for hour. Then carefully wash up hair with shampoo.

It is possible to use at home and professional remover for hair, however it is safer to entrust this process to the stylist.

Of course, such mask will not save completely from paint, but will a little wash up pigment. If to repeat it periodically, then it is possible to achieve clarification of hair on 1-2 tones.

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