What is the grown hair

What is the grown hair

The grown hair is the problem arising after shaving. At the same time the tip of some hairs is too strongly pointed, as a result pierces skin and begins to grow in the opposite direction. Skin in this place darkens with formation of pinkish bump.


  1. The grown hair is state at which the part of hair which is under skin is bent and begins to grow not outside, and inside. Externally it is shown by darkening of integuments in growing zone, the pinkish bump and bubble with purulent contents is quite often formed. At the same time through gleam it is possible even to see this bent hair.
  2. The persons which have reached puberty, as a rule, face this problem. The place of localization of such hairs most often are the zones covered with hard hair, for example, face zone at men and bikini zone at women. The African Americans more often than Europeans face similar problem, especially it concerns zone of growth of beard. Less often hair grow through growth of eyebrows. From the medical point of view such feature cannot pose health hazards of the person, but from cosmetic it is fraught with change of skin color – post-inflammatory hyperpegmentation. It is quite often possible to observe purulent bubbles after which there are scars and keloid hems.
  3. The wrong technology of shaving or too frequent shaving can be the most frequent cause of emergence of the grown hair. Some hairs after shaving get sharp tip which with ease pierces skin and begins to grow in the opposite direction. In half of cases the situation improves by itself, and in other half against the background of wearing too tight clothes and abuse of wax depilation, the situation can worsen. Happens and so that hair grow in the natural way because of obstruction of hair follicles dense layer of the died-off skin cells. Therefore the hair needs to do nothing how to grow in the opposite direction.
  4. The grown hair causes the naggers and morbidity in that area where it is. One of types of the grown hair is psevdofollikulit barbet. Such heat-spots arising after shaving can increase in sizes after repeated shaving. If at such state under skin staphylococcal bacteria or bacteria of sort psevdomonas get, in the place of growing of hair abscesses and abscesses are formed. In this case the grown hair quite often should be deleted in the surgical way by means of cut.
  5. It is possible to prevent emergence of the grown hair if to use when shaving the moistening and softening means for skin. Men should mass more often area of beard with circular motions that hair did not grow. Too smooth shaving is good only on the one hand, but if to leave at the same time bristle in 1-2 mm, similar problems will not arise. You should not shave hair against their growth and to press strongly on the razor or the machine.

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