What is the toning of hair

What is the toning of hair

The woman since the birth dreams to look young, well-groomed, and the moments when there is desire to change are not rare in life. Opportunity to change hair color without damage of structure, to follow fashion trends – all this attracts women.

Pluses of toning of hair

Coloring of hair the various means giving certain shade superficial fixing of artificial pigment on hair is called toning. The structures which are applied for this purpose have no strong negative impact, do not burn through hair.

Thanks to toning it is possible to completely change hair color. Therefore this procedure practically does not differ from coloring. The main distinctive feature of coloring of hair by means of this technology is the fact that toning does not injure structure of hair. After carrying out coloring the hair remain healthy.

It is not necessary to carry out toning on the hair painted by henna. Otherwise it is possible to receive not expected result. In order that to avoid it it is better to refuse use of henna for few months before carrying out toning.

The applied medicines for toning envelop hair, providing saturated color. After coloring the hair gain natural gloss. Specifics of coloring is that for 5 weeks the shade is gradually washed away. In comparison with coloring, toning is the sparing procedure not capable to damage health of hair. The composition of dyes for toning does not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide therefore hair remain intact that very much attracts women. The vitamins, useful additives entering medicines carefully look after hair, doing them healthy and brilliant. Advantage of coloring of this type is that it is possible to use combination of several shades of balms, excellent color as a result turns out. The natural hair color can be received by use of three shades. In transformation of hairstyle for women there are no limits of imagination. It is possible to make impregnations of light locks. For this purpose curls should be clarified, then to carry out toning.

Use of light shades allows to achieve effect of the burned-out hair.

Types of toning

Toning of hair happens: - intensive; - sparing; - lung. At intensive toning use the dyes containing few oxidizing substances. Hair remain painted for two months. The dyes used at the sparing type of toning keep up to four weeks. Therefore the procedure can be carried out more often. The additives which are well affecting structure of locks are part of means. Easy toning, it is possible to carry out with use of coloring balms. For the procedure it is possible to use the tinting shampoos. Of course effect of such coloring not long. But in it there are pluses.

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