What it is necessary to do exercises to remove fat from stomach and waist

What it is necessary to do exercises to remove fat from stomach and waist

on stomach and waist leads to emergence of complexes at women. The home trainings including exercises on side muscles of stomach and press will help to create more slim figure.

Exercises for waist

Get up, cross hands on breast, part legs most widely for good stability. Exhale, turn the body to the right, you hold basin intense, trying to record it. On breath be developed, adopt the initial provision. At exhalation turn the body again, but already to the left. Execute 15 repetitions in each party.

Part hands in the parties, for the rest do not change position of body. With exhalation incline the body, touch the right palm the left foot, at the same time as much as possible get the left hand back. On breath become straight. At exhalation repeat exercise in other party. Execute 20 repetitions in each option.

Lay down on back, part hands in the parties, bend legs in knees, you hold feet over floor. With exhalation turn basin to the left, lower both legs on floor, try to touch by back surface as much as possible. On leg breath lift again up. At exhalation of hip lower to the right of yourself. Lay down on stomach, lower hands on floor, straighten legs. With breath tear off the body from floor, also raise hands over surface. Rock the body here and there within minute, you breathe quietly. At exhalation fall by floor, let's muscles have a rest a little. Execute exercise once again.

Stomach exercises

Lay down back on floor, extend legs, lower hands along the body. Make exhalation, at the same time at the same time raise the right leg up and the body over floor, extend hands forward. On breath lay down again. Carrying out the following rise, use already left leg. Repeat exercise on 15 times each leg. For performance of the following exercise you need fixing of feet. Any heavy subject can help with it. For example, it is possible to be hooked by feet for sofa. You lie on spin, hands arrange on breast, bend knees. At exhalation execute raising of the body and sit down. On breath lay down without hurrying. Falling, slightly round back. Execute 20 rises. The following exercise is carried out, as well as previous, but with little changes. On exhalation, sitting down, as much as possible deploy the body to the left. Make breath and fall by floor back. On the following exhalation rise again, deploy the body already to the right. Execute exercise of 20 times in each option. You lie on spin, bend legs in knees, lower hands on floor along body. Carrying out exhalation, raise the body, extend hands over floor and stretch them forward. Taking breath, slowly lower back on floor. Try not to strain neck during rise, for this purpose you hold chin at the neck basis. Do exercise 20 times.

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