What it is necessary to know about callosities

What it is necessary to know about callosities

Women aim to look effectively and sometimes absolutely forget about the comfort. So, for example, in the flying our legs suffer most of all. We wear open shoes, we do not put on tights or socks. Meanwhile, from rubbing there are callosities which hurt, discomfort and cause difficulties when walking.

Skin of the person possesses protective reaction to any damage. On the place where most of all there is friction, the callosity appears. Skin is condensed and grows coarse, fingers and the Piglet are especially vulnerable.

Types of callosities

  • The dry callosity is devitalized site of skin. Arises because of pressure and friction upon skin. Such callosities cause severe pain and to remove them very difficult.
  • The wet callosity looks in the form of bubble with liquid. It causes severe pain.
  • The callosity with blood belongs to wet callosities and appears because the vessels located close to skin have been strongly damaged.
  • The callosity on sole appears from behind the frequent pressure of body weight.
  • Surely process wound antiseptic agent. 
  • You should not stick wet callosity with plaster because it will not dry up.
  • The dry callosity hardly responds to treatment. Many try to cut off such callosity, it is only not necessary to do it because in wound it is possible to bring infection.
  • Cream and ointment

As a part of ointments and creams there is salicylic and benzoic acid. They soften skin, only the only shortcoming, they cannot be applied to healthy skin. Give preference to natural creams with vegetable oils, they help to prevent emergence of new callosities.

     2. Removal of callosities in salon

There is technique thanks to which the callosity is kind of drilled from within. It is absolutely painless. By means of special pine forest the damaged sites leather are processed. If the callosity old it is deleted by means of the laser. It influences the upper layers of the skin, burning out callosity up to the end.

To prevent emergence of callosities, it is necessary to conform to some rules.

  • Try to go as often as possible barefoot.
  • Choose the correct footwear that it corresponded to your size. Do not allow perspiration of your legs as it provokes emergence of callosities.
  • Have always at yourself special plaster. 

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