What it is necessary to know about shampoos

What it is necessary to know about shampoos

Washing of the head is the integral procedure, the same as meal or campaign on manicure. Often we wash the head without thinking that the picked-up hair care products can do much harm and deprive of us magnificent head of hear. Choosing shampoo, it is necessary to pay attention to composition of detergent, frequency of its use, duration of contact with hair and head skin.

What it is necessary to know about shampoos?

What it is necessary to know about shampoos how to choose suitable and how often it can be used, we will try to understand.

Composition of shampoos

All shampoos presented now at the market irrespective of type of hair and frequency of application, consist of surfactants. These substances are part of laundry detergents and means for washing of ware. Surfactants are intended to split the secret allocated by sebaceous glands and to make hair clean. At such indisputable advantage, surfactant are quite aggressive and at long contact can overdry hair and skin, causing at the same time the naggers, peeling and appearance of dandruff. The maximum impact of shampoo on hairy part of the head should not exceed 3-5 minutes, this time is quite enough to remove all pollution. After time it is necessary to remove shampoo with flowing water.

 How often it is necessary to wash hair?

Earlier experts advised to wash the head not more often than 1 time a week, and hair, inclined to dryness, are even more rare, approximately than times in 10 days. Now trichologists are less categorical and advise to wash the head approximately time in two-three days, that is in process of their pollution.

How to choose suitable shampoo?

Choosing the next means for washing of hair, the majority is guided by advertizing or the well-known brands. Actually for normal hair it is necessary to take shampoo with the neutral indication of acidity, that is about 5.5. If hair are quickly soiled and are inclined to the increased fat content, then pH of shampoo has to equal 6. For dry and brittle hair the level of acidity has to be 4.7-5. Usually the producer specifies type of hair for which means is intended on the label.

How to learn that shampoo does not approach?                                                                        

If after washing of hair there is itch, skin begins strongly is shelled, hair are quickly soiled, then quite perhaps shampoo is picked incorrectly up. By the way, such situation can arise also with familiar shampoo which half a year-years used. The set of factors, for example, the changes of hormonal balance caused by pregnancy, childbirth, sharp decrease or set of weight, violations in work of internals, etc. can provoke such reaction to shampoo.

Whether it is necessary to use conditioner?

Silicone which does hair core to more smooth contains these hair care products in the structure, facilitates combing and gives to hair more well-groomed look. You should not forget that time of contact of conditioner with hair is surely specified on the label, without observing the time mode, it is possible to achieve absolutely opposite result.

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