What knees at women are considered as beautiful

What knees at women are considered as beautiful

Today there is set of standards of beauty to which women try to correspond at any cost. However there is part of body which cannot be corrected by means of plastic surgeries or physical exercises – knees. What knees are considered as beautiful and how it is necessary to look after them that they always remained such?

Beauty standard

The size and shape of beautiful female knees depend on such factors as the structure of joint, structure of muscles and condition of skin. There is number of parameters by which it is possible to determine beauty of knees. In the weakened state the shape of knee has to gain rounded shape, and its back part has to be thin and approximately correspond to ankle thickness. At the same time the thickening of back part in comparison with ankle – however insignificant is allowed.

Obligatory nuance – the anklebone in comparison with knee has to be graceful, but not thin.

Also knees, are considered as beautiful on each side which there are no ledges, and under the knee there is small deepening. Patellae have to be supported well by muscles and not be displaced inside, creating feeling of curve knees. The knee should not be too convex in comparison with other leg as it happens at too thin girls. When bending leg the beautiful knee has to remain roundish, but not stick out angular part outside.

Woman's knee care

That knees of any form and the size always remained beautiful and well-groomed, they need to be indulged. As in knees few sebaceous glands, their skin often become dry and inelastic, accumulating the died-off cages on the surface. It is necessary to peel them gels, skins and srubs which part fruit acids are. They stimulate cell fission at the expense of the biosubstances therefore skin of knees is regularly updated.

You should not look after dry skin of knees by means of soap and hot water – they will even more overdry it.

Besides, srubs, gels and skins for knee care can be replaced with natural honey srub. It contains vitamins C and E which will provide to skin continuous regeneration, moistening and improvement. For its preparation it is necessary to mix on one tablespoon of castor oil, honey and coarse sea salt. The srub needs to be warmed up slightly and to rub carefully in skin of knees, having left them so for ten-fifteen minutes. After time the srub needs to be washed away warm water. Also knees it is desirable to humidify twice a day by means of creams which part are panthenol, aloe, castor and sea-buckthorn oil, vitamins A, To, E and PP which will prevent dryness, peeling and aging of skin of knees. Thanks to such leaving, knees will always remain beautiful and attractive.

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