What leaving is necessary to lips

What leaving is necessary to lips

Lips are the sexiest and attractive part of the face. Unfortunately, not all can brag of chubby juicy sponges, however everyone will be able to achieve well-groomed velvet lips.

Lips, as well as face skin in general, require regular care. The complex of procedures for lip care differs in nothing from procedures for care for skin: clarification, moistening, food and massage. It is necessary to clean lips every evening from cosmetics and from everything that gets on them in day. For this purpose it is necessary to apply the cleaning milk or lotion on cotton pad and to carry out softly on lips.

During the day it is useful to apply hygienic lipstick. It perfectly moistens lips. Instead of it it is possible to put the means intended for skin around eyes that is connected with similarity of texture of eyelid skin and lips. It is necessary to take for the rule to surely cause gloss or hygienic lipstick before exit to the street. At their absence it is necessary to apply vegetable or olive oil for half an hour to exit on lips. Such procedure will reduce degree of negative impact which can render cold street air and aggressive substances which are its part. Before going to bed it is also desirable to apply oil or vaseline. In night, useful substances of oils will be absorbed in skin of lips and will restore it.

There is huge number of house masks for lip care. The most simple – drawing on honey lips. It is known that it has large amount of vitamins and minerals. It will be useful to add to honey a little cinnamon, and to cover with this weight lips.

The mask from sour cream, vegetable oil and lemon juice is good humidifier for lips. For its preparation it is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of sour cream and to add to it couple of drops of lemon juice and vegetable oil. To apply ready structure on lips.

Massage of lips toothbrush is used at their strong peeling. For this purpose it is necessary to apply honey on brush and to mass it lips within minute. More sparing massage can be performed fingertips. Importance of this procedure consists in strengthening of blood circulation in the massed area that increases inflow of blood and together with it nutrients. After holding procedure it is necessary to apply on lips surely nutritious cream or any of cosmetic oils (castoric, peach, olive).

There is large number of srubs for lips. They feed, smooth and nourish with nutrients their skin. The srub can be made independently, having stirred honey and sugar and having added to it couple of drops of oil (it will be ideal to use almond or peach). This weight it is necessary to massage lips and to leave for several minutes, and after to wash away cool water.

When choosing lipstick its quality should not be neglected. It is necessary to remember that when putting superresistant lipstick of lip are affected by the drying substances.

To reduce negative impact of lipstick it it is necessary to put over hygienic. Such simple rule not only will protect lips, but also will moisten them.

It is necessary to remember that such addictions as pokusyvaniye or licking of lips considerably injure their surface and spoil appearance. The refusal of them is very important in the program for care for lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team