What make-up is pleasant to guys

What make-up is pleasant to guys

Female logic – tremendous thing. Girls, aiming to be pleasant to guys, often use receptions which can push away them. It women like the predatory increased nails, blood-red lipstick and magnificently strong perfume only because the famous variety stars or actresses use these baits. But what is good on the stage or the screen is not always acceptable in life. Therefore the make-up which is pleasant to guys can cardinally differ from current trends.

It is required to you

  • - basis under make-up;
  • - foundation of natural shade;
  • - proofreader;
  • - the black extending ink;
  • - pencil for eyebrows;
  • - pink or peach blush;
  • - lip balm;
  • - beige lipstick.


  1. Men appreciate naturalness and ukhozhennost. It is not important how the woman will achieve similar result. The main thing - that meykap it was almost imperceptible for men's eye.
  2. What can be more pleasant for eye, than healthy tone of the person? If the nature has deprived you of it, it is necessary to achieve it by means of cosmetics. The make-up on the first appointment has to be executed in natural pink and corporal tones.
  3. It is not necessary to think that the more you will put liquid foundation, the complexion will be better. Absolutely on the contrary – thick layer of cream will make make-up similar to plaster, and the person – on mask. For uniform distribution of the tinting means thin layer, it is worth diluting it in half with basis under make-up and to put with special sponge. Special attention needs to be paid to problem places, and to concern clean sites of skin symbolically.
  4. Obvious defects of epidermis – ospinka, specks or the inflamed eels, - it is required to disguise the proofreader of green or yellow color, and from above already to apply foundation. It is necessary to record basis friable transparent powder, and for correcting of make-up to take the matting napkins.
  5. Light-and-shade correction of oval – it is fine. But you should not include it in the make-up on the first appointment. These are from far away all these blackouts and lightenings look beautifully. And close look just dirty strips.
  6. Alignment of tone of the person is only first step. Now the person of dimensions needs to add, having emphasized eyebrows, eyes and lips.
  7. If you do not want to use ink – it is not necessary. So you will look even more natural. But to allocate eyes it should be added eyebrows a few. Take sharply perfected pencil, put it horizontally and make several easy dabs, beginning from eyebrow head. Slowly moving ahead to bend, strengthen pressing, drawing in detail arch. And paint over tail the weak, coming to naught strokes.
  8. And still seldom what woman will refuse ink. And the make-up which is pleasant to guys just means long, curved and fluffy cilia. Only it is not necessary to try too, putting layer by layer that instead of natural silky eyelashes komkovaty spidery pads have not turned out.
  9. The final stage of natural make-up is putting blush. It is pleasant to guys when cheeks of the girl remind peach or rose-petal. The natural shade suitable to tone of skin, it is necessary to paint slightly apples of cheeks, making light touches by fluffy brush.
  10. It is possible to leave sponges not made up. Though it is worth applying beige lipstick a la nude or at least just colourless balm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team