What make-up will be relevant this fall

What make-up will be relevant this fall

Many women use make-up for giving to lines of the person of bigger expressiveness and appeal. Despite existence of certain rules of putting ink, shadows and other decorative means, every season there are some changes in this direction of cosmetology.

In the fall of 2012 the fashion offers contrast combinations of flowers in make-up. The leading makeup artists urge not to be afraid to experiment with lip gloss, shades of shadows, eyeliners for century. In border of one image the courageous combination up to three various flowers is welcomed. Thus, shadows can have one color, lips – another, and eyeliner – the third. The make-up of the current season is characterized by brightness of shades, as well as autumn season with its yellow, red, orange, bronze colors.

Blondes can use the bright shades of pink shadows complemented by the active eyeliner which is in harmony with color of eyes. Solar blondes most of all will suit lilac-violet scale.

For brunettes the fashion of this season recommends to use red lip gloss or bright red lipstick. Nails at the same time do not need to be painted in the same shade at all and it is absolutely optional to select accessories of the related color direction. Do not think of combination of flowers, and your image will be very relevant. Red-haired fashionistas will suit blue shadows of all shades – from color of sea wave to celestial-blue. Lipstick has to be bright too – carrot or pink. Despite similar democratic character in rules of this season, it is necessary to adhere to the main thing: the used colors of make-up have to be pure. You should not mix them not to receive dirty and indistinct shades. Relevant for all is color ink. It can be chosen to match eye or to experiment with contrast combinations. Brown-eyed women will suit blue ink, blue-eyed – orange, green-eyed – red. When using such ink of eye shadow choose quieter shades. In general, the image created by you will be brighter and more attractive, the most successfully you will fit into context of autumn fashion of season of 2012.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team