What means tattoo in the form of scorpion

What means tattoo in the form of scorpion

In the ancient time tattoos performed function of distinctive signs, they meant belonging to any open organization or to secret society. In the modern world of tattoo became fashionable and very popular, but more and more seldom owners of next-to-skin drawings think of their value.

The scorpion – little, but very terrible and dangerous being, on the end of his tail is the capsule with poison and needle. The meeting with scorpion can be deadly. It, by the nature, – loner predator, the hunter and the murderer. Value tattoos with the image of scorpion partly correspond to characteristics of killing insect.

In Ancient Egypt the scorpion symbolized death, and in Japan – wisdom. In the African countries it was doctoring symbol, and in Europe – revenge. Now tattoo in the form of scorpion rather popular sign. He can be met also in the musical environment, and in army, this sign is pinned by law-abiding citizens and prison prisoners.

The army tattoo of scorpion means belonging to ground forces if the scorpion is represented with the opened claws, then it means that the person was involved in fighting, with the reduced claws – service in hot spot. And, everyone can have treatment the. For example, some former military personnel interprets it so: I am suicide bomber! I will die, but I will not give up!. Near army scorpion it is often possible to see target or blood type.

In the criminal environment of headdress with the image of scorpion are rather ambiguous. It is considered that the scorpion pinned on hand by claws up means that the person uses drugs if claws down – he was addict earlier. In certain cases the scorpion can mean that the person sat in the loner camera. And sometimes that it is dangerous to society.

Often this sign designates that the person was born under the sign of the Scorpion. He can be met on any part of body, in this case, does not matter in what pose this sign is represented. In terms of esoterics, it is the peculiar amulet, mascot which is driving away evil spirits. Besides, it is the sign of the strong personality, fidelity to word. In combination with the image of lotus, the scorpion means love and marital fidelity. Sometimes people do tattoo in the form of scorpion as reminder on some event in life, it can be unfortunate love, treachery of friends or punishment for something.

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