What means tattoo - scorpion on shoulder

What means tattoo - scorpion on shoulder

Art of permanent make-up is known thousands of years. People decorated body with various drawings, aiming to express the feelings, the relation to life, belonging to any given currents or groups. Tattoos are very popular and now, each of them has the value.

The scorpion is one of the most popular symbols for tattoos in the countries which residents face it under natural conditions. The people of the Middle East, Africa and Southeast of Asia use the image of scorpion both for protection against evil spirits, and against him.

Strength of scorpion is concealed in its duality. Small, imperceptible, but extremely dangerous, he can seem harmless and silent, however at the crucial moment, being protected or attacking, is ready to show the terrible weapon.

In many cultures the scorpion is symbol of death, pain, danger and hatred. In the 80-90th years of last century the image of scorpion was army tattoo, it was carried by the people serving in hot spots. The raised sting and the opened claws symbolized fight to the last gasp. Comparison between scorpion and poisonous devil forces is given in the Bible. In the Buddhism the symbolics with scorpion symbolized reconciliation. In Tibet its image on weapon was used as protective amulet. Tattoos with the image of scorpion are often done by the people who were born under this zodiac constellation. It is considered that this sign allocates the people who were born from 24:10 till 22:11 by difficult uncompromising character, strength of mind and big sexuality – as dances of scorpions during the marriage period are very erotic. There is also positive value of tattoo with the image of scorpion. It is based on advantage of toxic agent of this animal for the person. In ancient Egypt was esteemed the goddess of scorpions Selket who patronized doctors. In tribes of the Maya of scorpion connected with surgery because of its ability to enter the victim into condition of catalepsy. In the western and northern parts of Africa poison of scorpion was used as medicine. Summing up the result of the aforesaid, it is possible to draw conclusion that the tattoo with the image of scorpion symbolizes danger, hatred, pain and death, devil forces, envy and rage, battles and victory, reconciliation, eroticism and sexuality, rescue or origin of life, exotic addictions and duality. About value of tattoo judge also by its color and stylistics. Usually the tattoo with scorpion is carried out in gray and black color. The animal is most often represented hidden in water, in rose bud, on stone. Even the simple tattoo with scorpion bewitches, attracts look and frightens off a little, creating feeling something exotic, dangerous and forbidden. Using unusual design and brighter colors of tattoo, it is possible to create effect of potustoronnost and unreality, allocating it with the value connected with numerous legends. Qualitatively executed color by tattoo with the image of scorpion looks beautifully and gracefully.

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