What men's cosmetics differs from women's in

What men's cosmetics differs from women's in

Modern men are more and more approved in opinion that use of any given cosmetics does not deprive of their courage at all. However men's cosmetics significantly differs from women's therefore in its choice there are certain subtleties.


1. Representatives of strong polovmna of mankind have physiological features in the structure of skin. Its corneal layer is thicker, and shit contains much more collagen, thanks to it man's faces remain young longer. With same also the fact that the shade of male skin is a little more dark, than at women is connected. Strong half of mankind has more thin blood vessels, and skin is exposed to mechanical influences much more often. Men cannot use protective equipment that, as a result, does their skin to more resistant to various external influences such as frost, wind or direct sunshine. But it does not mean total absence at men of problems with skin.

2. The most unpleasant of them is more intensive, than at female half of humanity, sebum formation. This property in the absence of the correct leaving can promote appearance of acne rash, but, thanks to the fact that such skin holds moisture better, on man's face of wrinkle appear much later. However, if they are formed, then deeper of which it is almost impossible to get rid. To help cope with these problems men's cosmetics can.

3. Today men's cosmetics is provided by quite wide choice of the most various means. These are various skins and gels for washing, face and hands creams, lotions. Creams for men differ in more saturated and intensive formula, the effect of their application can be noticeable after the first application. Their oilier skin demands different approach to clarification that is considered in formulas of gels and lotions for washing.

4. It is necessary to choose men's cosmetics, being guided by the same principles, as upon purchase women's. It is necessary to choose, making a start from age and type of skin. Besides, it is worth paying attention to the frequency of shaving and intensity of use of rzlichny skin care products.

5. Young men with oily skin perfectly will suit the lotions having the drying effect. Problem skin with acne rash can demand use of special cream with the antiseptic components narrowing time. The creams performing functions of restoration of hydrolipidic film will be necessary for those who is more senior. Intensive anti-aging creams and many aftershaves will help to achieve this effect.

6. Men often face such problem as fat roots of hair. Therefore the shampoos for men designed for frequent application consider this unpleasant feature.

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