What micellar water gives to skin

What micellar water gives to skin

Micellar water – novelty in cosmetology. Transparent liquid by the form differs in nothing from usual water, but has remarkable properties: washes away from face all dirt and cosmetics without damage of upper layers of epidermis. It is ideal for sensitive skin and not only cleans it, but also performs functions of tonic, lotion, the softening milk.

What is micellar water?

Micellar water was invented by the European scientists, in usual water they have dissolved ethers of fatty acids under the name of micelle. It has not affected appearance and consistence of liquid in any way, but it has gained the cleaning, toning and softening properties. First of all micellar water began to be applied as means to removal of make-up: having carried out by the cotton tampon moistened with this liquid on eyes, it is possible not to be afraid of irritation, burnings in eyes and residues of ink or shadows. It ideally washes away all unnecessary from skin.

Then micellar water began to be used for clarification, it is capable to wash away about faces not only cosmetics, but also dirt, fat and sweat which cork skin. This means for people with sensitive skin who cannot use soap or the cleaning gels and tonics with alkalis in structure is especially useful. Even it is not harmful to children to use this water: it does not dry skin, does not damage upper layers of epidermis, does not leave film on face.

It is very convenient to use micellar water on trips, when there is no opportunity it is good to wash.

Effect of micellar water on skin

Micellar water has several functions: it not only purifies skin, but also tones up and softens it. That is one bottle with this means is capable to replace several types of cosmetics at once. As a part of this water there is no alcohol, alkali and other active agents which badly influence epidermis. And fatty acids not only clean pores, but also calm skin, do it softer, give moisture content thanks to maintenance of water balance. It is possible to apply this means on any site of the person, including eye area. Micellar water helps problem skin with irritation, acne rash, psoriasis. There are special means with this water in structure intended for the different purposes: for treatment of eels at teenagers, for fight against dry skin, for children with allergies and very sensitive skin. But micellar water has only one restriction: it is undesirable to people to use it with fat type of skin as it causes feeling of oily film on face. On dry skin of such effect it is not observed. Choosing micellar water, pay attention to means without additives, flavourless and colors. Read structure on bottle: in it there should not be alcohol, fragrances, fragrances – all of them only spoil quality of micellar water. It is possible to allow some essential oils, for example rockrose or rose in structure, such water will soften even better skin.

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