What nails it is better: gel or acrylic?

What nails it is better: gel or acrylic?

The procedure of nail extension still has not lost the relevance. Thanks to it it is possible to experiment with manicure and shape of nails safely. Time to get acquainted in more detail with materials for building and to understand what of them is better has come.

Acrylic nails

Today the most widespread materials for nail extension are acrylic and gel. The structure for nail extension by acrylic is made of mix of likvid with acrylic powder. Such mix is toxic, has unpleasant pungent smell. Chemicals can cause irritation of skin, make natural nails fragile and weak. It is necessary to refuse acrylic building in the following cases: if you take course of chemotherapy or accept antibiotics (at the same time the organism begins to produce acetone which tears away material); you have diabetes, herpes or diseases of intestines; there are hormonal violations. The chemical components which are part of acrylic weight can cause allergic reaction, faints and even suffocation.

Among pluses of acrylic nails it is possible to note the following:

- acrylic – quite strong material. Such nails will rush long, reliably; - if you have accidentally broken acrylic nail, then will be able to repair it even independently; - quite simple process of removal of such nails, there are special solvents which will help in a few minutes will remove acrylic marigold. Minuses of acrylic building: - your natural nails at acrylic building are subject to negative impact. Acrylic deeply gets into nail plate that creates difficulties at correction and cutting; - acrylic nails look more roughly and artificially even if are executed by the skilled master (what cannot be told about gel nails); - after long carrying acrylic nails the natural plate begins to be exhausted therefore after removal of artificial marigold the special care is required. Gel nogtiplusa of gel nails: - gel marigold looks glossier and natural, than acrylic; - process of polymerization happens quicker, than acrylic, sometimes has enough two minutes; - the components entering gel do not emit toxic substances and do not smell; - in the course of building demand trimming a little. The main component for extension of gel nails is pitch of coniferous trees and also other semi-synthetic and natural components. Such structure is considered less harmful, it has no pungent smell and is not toxic. Minuses of gel nails: - they are not so reliable and strong, than acrylic, though are a little more expensive; - it is very difficult to make gel nails to himself; - it is impossible to repair independently damaged gel nail; - gel nails cannot be removed special means (as in case with acrylic), in this case one exit – cutting. So to choose? Both acrylic, and gel have similar results: they strengthen nails and do them long, do hands womanly and sexual. But nevertheless it is necessary to pay attention to the above characteristics and to make the choice. The skilled master will also help you to decide on the choice, proceeding from your wishes and requirements, structure of natural nails. By the way, varnish looks much better on gel nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team