What oils are useful to skin

What oils are useful to skin

The women aiming to keep for a long time beauty of skin often are not content with exclusively ready cosmetics, and try to use also natural products. Cosmetic oils – the natural product having large amount of properties, useful to skin.


1. The advantage of vegetable oils in skin care is caused by the fact that they are capable to get deeply and to restore intercellular tone of fabrics. Natural oils contain the whole complex of the vitamins and active agents feeding, moisturizing, cleaning and rejuvenating skin. Cosmetic oils can be used in pure form or to add to cream.

2. One of the most useful oils for skin is olive oil. It remarkably moisturizes and smoothes the skin, saturates it with vitamins A and D. Olive oil – the excellent antioxidant which is slowing down education of free radicals and aging of skin.

3. Almond oil is widely used in the cosmetic purposes. High content of vitamins A, E and F do it by irreplaceable means for the angry and dry skin. Almonds oil often is part of massage mixes. It treat burns, eczema, and in combination with essential oils - herpetic rashes.

4. Useful to skin also grape seeds oil is among. This natural means contains the linolic acid returning to the withering skin elasticity and smoothness. This oil and for problem skin since its components remove inflammation approaches and narrow enlarged pores.

5. Apricot oil is the emergency help for the coarsened and flabby skin suffering from lack of vitamins, food and moistening. Oil from apricot stones stimulates production of collagen and elastin thanks to what the elasticity of skin increases. This oil and for gentle children's skin approaches.

6. Oil of calendula has strongly expressed anti-inflammatory properties therefore it is recommended for use at acne rash and also various rashes on skin of children. This oil is the ideal protectant from ultraviolet and also at temperature differences.

7. Oil of seeds of sesame possesses the strong moistening, softening, cleaning and protective actions. It can be used for removal of make-up, to apply as conditioning agent behind gentle skin around eyes. Availability in sesame oil of natural antioxidant of sezamol promotes protection of skin cells against aging and against influence of ultraviolet.

8. Karite butter – one of the most universal cosmetic oils. It rejuvenates, feeds, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Besides, karite butter effectively protects skin from various diseases and from impact of cold, heat and the sun.

9. If you want to keep for a long time beauty of skin – apply natural oils. Having tried different types, you will find over time that will bring to your skin the maximum benefit and allow you to feel young and fine!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team