What paint of firm it is better to dye hair

What paint of firm it is better to dye hair

Good hair-dye has to have dense consistence, it is ideal to paint over gray hair, not to spoil hair and to keep after the first washing of the head. Which of producers copes with these tasks?

With change of image, age or mood the women should dye hair. At this moment there is also question: "What paint of the producer deserves attention who the leader in this area?". The answer cannot be one as there are several types of the painting substances.

Types of dyes for hair

First of all, it would be desirable to note availability of natural dyes therefore for giving to hair of certain shade or color it is optional to resort to chemical oxidizers and paints. It is possible to use natural henna or basma. The first does hair red, the second will help to paint them in colors from light brown to black. Both paints are made of leaves of plants.

Natural dyes can be mixed among themselves, trying to obtain lighter or dark shade. If you often dye hair henna, then after the first clarification all of them equally will be red shade.

Chemical dyes divide on firmness degree into 3 groups: 1. Tonics are the weakest on the painting effect and firmness paint. It is used for giving to hair of lighter or dark shade, changing natural color for 1-2 tones. Is issued in the form of the tinting balms and shampoos. As they do not contain the clarifying substances, like ammonia or peroxide of hydrogen, means do not do harm to hair. Color is washed away after 5-6 times of washing of the head.2. Unstable hair-dyes. At their production as clarifier use hydrogen peroxide. Such means well paint over gray hair and can change hair color, but for a while, at most for 2 months. Frequent use of this type of paint can do much harm to hair.3. Resistant hair-dye allows to change considerably color of hair for once, perfectly paint over gray hair. In them use amines or ammonia which do not allow means to be washed away, for change of color it will be necessary to be recoloured anew.

Frequent application of the means containing ammonia or amines in the structure leads to deterioration in condition of hair and change of their structure. Behind the painted curls the special care, with application of masks, conditioners and balms is required.

What paint of firm the best?

At the moment several global manufacturers of means for coloring of hair are popular. It is L’Oreal, Wella and Schwarzkopf & Henkel. Under these brands several types of hair-dyes are issued, each of them has the features. In 2013 the first three places were taken by Garnier Color Naturals, L'Oréal Preference and L'Oréal Casting creame gloss paints. All of them belong to one firm - L’Oréal. Means differ in high quality, the high painting effect. These paints have dense consistence and are easily applied on hair. They can be used not only for clarification of hair, but also for change of color. For clarification still it is possible to recommend paints of Wella, the Procter & Gamble company, and Palette from Schwarzkopf. With their help it is possible to clarify hair for once and it is good to paint over gray hair. The wide palette of shades allows to choose easily required color and shade.

It should be taken into account that the paints acquired in supermarkets and in specialized shops can differ markedly not only at the price, but also on quality. It is better not to risk and give preference to narrow-purpose boutiques.

For more sparing, but resistant shade choose paints with addition of vegetable oils, the so-called phyto-line. Have well proved Garnier Color Shine, Oleo Intense and Essential Color. Vegetable oils not only help to keep and saturate color, but also will add gloss, smoothness, volume. It is heavy to call perfect producer which would combine both the price and quality. Good hair-dye will not cost little too. In most cases women give preference more advertized or more than once to reliable tools.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team