What requirements to female beauty at representatives of the different people

What requirements to female beauty at representatives of the different people

– concept relative and tastes differ. Besides at various people of the world the standards and stereotypes, sometimes absolutely strange and unclear for the modern western person predominate.

Both up, and in breadth

On the Malaysian island of Borneo standard of beauty is the woman with the delayed lobes of ears. To achieve this effect, to little girls since the childhood pierce ears, but instead of earrings insert into them metal rings, increasing over the years their quantity. As a result the cumulative weight of such earrings can reach 3 kg at the expense of what lobes of ears are extended to the shoulders.

The extended lobes of ears are popular also among female residents of the tribe of masaa in Kenya. However female-masai are not limited only to one hole in ear, and do their huge set. There they insert earrings, delays, pass beads. Perhaps, thus they try to compensate lack of vegetation on the head as since early years it shave off hair.

And in Myanauna (Burma), women reckon with incredibly long neck as beautiful. They were even nicknamed by female giraffes. The similar effect is reached thanks to the rings which are put on neck of girls. Over the years the quantity of rings increases.

Violating habitual standards

According to many men, tall, slender girls with the fine white teeth smile tightened by figure and the pretty person are the most attractive, however not everywhere similar natural data will appreciate. For example, in the tribe of Tuaregs in the Sahara the completeness of the woman is considered fertility symbol therefore if at the girl at inclination forward on stomach less than 12 fat folds are formed, hardly someone will take it in marriage. But in Japan till 1870, women reckoned with black teeth as beautiful. They were specially painted with special structure on the basis of iron, and some ladies even extracted to themselves foreteeth as a sign of devotion to the husband.

At number of the people of Central Asia the toothless women still look more pliable and attractive in the opinion of men. It is accepted to extract foreteeth and among the women living in some regions of Angola.

In turn, in China up to the middle of the last century very small feet – about 7-8 cm in length were the main requirement to beauty of young young ladies from society. Only this way, according to Chinese, it was possible to reach gait of lotus. To achieve similar effect, to girls in 2-5 years broke all toes, except big, turned in them, tightened bandage and put on the rigid footwear which is not allowing foot grow legs. The procedure happened without any anesthetics. Here beauty – terrible force was necessary to suffer such mutilations to young Chinese young ladies, after all.

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