What seaweed is suitable for face packs: top-5 the best

What seaweed is suitable for face packs: top-5 the best

Seaweed - one of the most useful products which contains vitamins and useful microelements. Experts claim that the cosmetics prepared from seaweed are acquired by skin practically for 100%, i.e. are to the maximum incorporated by it. Especially effectively to use seaweed as face pack.

For preparation of face packs from seaweed use their different types. In each of them there are useful substances which have any given impact on skin cells. Today in shops the range of various seaweed is widely provided so to choose suitable at all not problem. It is not difficult to prepare mask in house conditions at all.

The main thing to observe recipes and amount of ingredients. The wrong selection of komponen is capable to lead to quite serious problems with skin when its state becomes worse, than prior to treatment by seaweed.

One of the most popular seaweed which is applied to creation of face packs is laminaria. Brown seaweed are called still sea cabbage. It contains huge number macro - and microelements, the iodine and other substances promoting obtaining effective medical effect. Masks from laminaria are great option for the growing old and withering skin. It is connected with the fact that it restores krovobrashcheniye, gives the smoothing effect, improves skin regeneration. Also the laminaria is known as detox means: it purifies leather from toxins and slags at the expense of what hypostases are eliminated.

For preparation of mask it is better to choose the dried and crushed algal basis. Fill in 1 tablespoon of laminaria fill in with warm water (room temperature) so that it has covered them with interest. Leave everything for 1.5 hours before swelling. After that wring out seaweed through gauze to get rid of excess water. For preparation of mask you need remained gruel.

It is optional to use the soaked seaweed for once. It is possible to divide the turned-out weight into 2 parts: to use one for preparation of mask, to leave another in the fridge wetted for 2-3 days.

Put seaweed on face plentifully. Do not forget that previously skin needs to be cleaned properly. It is necessary to hold mask on face about half an hour. Then remove seaweed tampon from cotton wool and wash cool (but not cold) water.

Remember that the inflated seaweed slippery therefore it is necessary to impose them in prone position or to use services of the assistant.

Useful properties of mask can be diversified, having added to it additional ingredients. So, for example, having added 1 tsp of honey to weight, you receive mask with the smoothing action. For correction of oily skin of the person and elimination of gloss you can add 2 tsps of svezheotzhaty juice of lemon and 1 egg white to laminaria. To improve quality of dry skin, add to seaweed 1 tablespoons vegetable oil (it is possible to take exotic, for example, avocados, peach, etc.), 1 egg yolk or 2 tsps of mayonnaise. One more species of seaweed which is widely applied to production of qualitative mask is fucus. This brown alga contains amino acids, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and also substances which possess the immunomodelling, antiviral action. Such mask for problem and oily skin is especially good. For its preparation it will be required to you: - fucus - 1 tablespoon; - water - 150 g; - aloe juice - 2 tsps. Fill in seaweed with water and leave them to bulk up at several o'clock (there are usually enough the 2nd). Later wring out them and add to them aloe juice. As option, it is possible to apply lemon juice instead of aloe. Make gruel and apply it to skin. Leave for 20 minutes, and then wash away it from face warm water. Such mask represents excellent means for elimination of inflammations. The only thing that should be considered is that it is necessary to apply it at least 2 times a week. Porphyry seaweed to which family also such popular alga as Nori belongs are rich with proteins, mineral substances and vitamins. Such seaweed are excellent basis for the masks intended for dry face skin. For it it will be required to you: - porphyry - 1 tablespoon; - egg yolk - 1 piece; - water - 200 g; - honey - 1 tsp. Wet seaweed for 30 minutes in warm water then wring out them. It will be necessary only to add yolk and honey, and then properly to mix everything. Impose mask on person and leave for 20-25 minutes. Then wash away warm water and apply nutritious cream. Spirulina not absolutely seaweed. However it on legal grounds costs in the same row with them. The spirulena contains the balanced complex of vitamins and also various minerals and amino acids. Spirulina is often used as mask for face rejuvenation. For its preparation are necessary to you: - spirulina - 1 tsp; - black or blue shlina - 1 tsp; - water - 200 g. Fill in seaweed with water for couple of hours. Then merge water, wring out seaweed (but not dry) and add to them clay. It needs previously to be parted to consistence of sour cream. Carefully mix everything. Later you can apply mask to skin and lie down with it half an hour. Wash away mask warm water. It is possible to use red seaweed for improvement of condition of skin. Take them and fill in with water. After they inflate, they can just be put on face. Even such simple measure significantly improves complexion and rejuvenates skin.

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