What shampoo for men differs from women's in

What shampoo for men differs from women's in

On counters of supermarkets and shops of cosmetics it is possible to see set of types of shampoos today. Including the means intended for men and women. Accounting of physiological features of representatives of both sexes helps each buyer to find "the" shampoo, providing optimum care to hair and head skin.

Many consumers consider that women's and shampoos for men for hair differ only in aroma. But matter not only in smell, structure also has huge value. And what is suitable for male hair care not in the best way will affect condition of head skin and the woman's curls. Differences in set of ingredients of means are explained by difference of acid-base balance at representatives of the stronger and weaker sex.

Difference between women's and shampoo for men

At women rn the balance is 5.7, and at men – 5.4. This essential difference in indicators of acid-base balance explains the increased secretion of sebaceous glands at men. Therefore at guys the hair become oily quicker, quite often the greasiness of head skin accompanies dandruff. To provide care to such hair, manufacturers enrich shampoos for men with useful additives. For example, zinc which helps to eliminate greasy luster and to normalize secretion of glands of head skin.

Often producers offer men shampoos with the conditioning properties – such novelties do not make heavier hair, providing to head skin full care. Plus should not be used after washing of the head also balm.

Also men can buy universal shampoos-gels which will allow to put in order and hairstyle, and all body. It should be noted that guys have more not only grease, but also sweat glands, hair follicles, their skin is more dense, and blood circulation – more intensively. That is why the famous cosmetic brands create shampoos which provide intensive clarification of head skin and hair.

Whether women can use shampoo for men?

The obvious difference between men's and shampoos for women consists in more intensive aroma of care products for hair of strong half of mankind. Quite often for production of such shampoos notes of mint, lime therefore the smell turns out powerful, refreshing and dynamic are used. Gender sign separation of shampoos pursues also one more aim, except ensuring high-quality leaving. Many men suffer from hair loss, for fight against this misfortune, the nutrients stimulating growth of head of hear can be part of shampoo. Such cosmetics strengthen hair – however, among shampoos for women it is possible to pick up products with similar characteristics.

For male hair care it is better to select shampoos with sodium sulfates – they well clean head skin, unlike means with softer structure.

Despite insignificant difference in structure and appointment men's and shampoos for women, girls can use the hair care products developed especially for guys. It is more important that when choosing shampoos the buyer considered condition of hair and their type and also reaction to cosmetics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team