What shampoo to use to pregnant women

What shampoo to use to pregnant women

During pregnancy of the woman are very vulnerable and vulnerable. It concerns both their emotional, and physical state. Therefore during this period it is very important to choose most sparing cosmetics, in particular it concerns hair shampoo.


  1. Hair consist for 97% of keratin, this albumen, it is enriched with microelements (copper, zinc, iron, chrome, manganese) and various vitamins. The only live part of hair are roots, their other part is congestion of lifeless cages. It is possible to tell that the secret of the correct hair care is in head skin care.
  2. It should be noted that at the ordinary person the head skin is extremely sensitive, as a result even the slightest stresses, for example, change of diet or moving to different climate, can cause instant and acute reaction. Pregnancy is serious stress for organism, practically all its processes undergo significant changes.
  3. Most often during pregnancy and breastfeeding because of hormonal reorganizations the hair can become too dry or fat, their structure is broken, as a result they become fragile. In certain cases at the pregnant woman hair can begin to drop out or to appear dandruff.
  4. For this reason during pregnancy it is necessary to use the sparing, soft means. Any shampoo is based on special complexes of detergents, experts call them the surfactants (S). It is necessary to choose soft, nonaggressive shampoos, usually degree of hardness or softness surfactant is specified on the label.
  5. It is very important to select the shampoos suitable your type of hair, especially if during pregnancy there were any changes. If before conception of the child you used means for dry hair and continue by them to use during pregnancy though the structure of your head of hear has changed, it can lead to negative consequences because of improper leaving.
  6. Buy the shampoos enriched with bioactive agents, they promote food and strengthening of hair, normalize head skin. Additives in the form of amino acids, vitamins and other useful substances have to influence head skin and roots of hair well. Besides, special additives which soften washing basis are part of many shampoos, lowering its dermatological rigidity.
  7. Try to give preference to means with natural ingredients. During pregnancy it is better to choose any cosmetics with natural plant extracts, however, it is necessary to study very attentively structure regarding components which can cause in you allergy.
  8. Get means which are combined among themselves. It is the best of all to buy products from one cosmetic ruler, their components do not contradict each other and do not neutralize positive effects. Pay attention that many producers have begun to release specialized series of means for pregnant women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team