What shampoos do not contain sulfates

What shampoos do not contain sulfates

Accurate and well-groomed hair always had success therefore girls very carefully approach the choice of care products for hair. The most known and available means is shampoo. For the correct hair care it is necessary to choose shampoos without sulfates.

The shampoo choice – the main objective for girls who carefully watch hair. In the market it is possible to meet great number of producers and grades of shampoos. In such variety it is simple to be lost, one shampoo is better than another. It is necessary to choose hair care product, leaning on certain factors, one of which are the type of hair and composition of shampoo.

The choice of shampoo as hair

The type of head skin is one of important aspects when choosing shampoo. The type of hair also plays at the same time huge role. Types of hair it is possible to allocate four. The first of them is very rare normal type of hair. The second, fat type, it is possible to determine by the number of production of skin fat. Such hair quickly become soiled and become oily. Hair with split ends, fragile and dim, belong to dry type of hair. And the last, fourth type of hair, is called mixed. Such hair in upper part of the head remind fat type of hair, but tips remain dry and fragile. On packing or bottle of shampoo it is always written for what type of hair the means is intended. When choosing shampoo it is necessary to consider this aspect.

Shampoo without sulfates

The composition of shampoo plays considerable role in hair care. As a part of shampoo that substance which content in means is in bigger quantity is on the first place. Respectively, the substance which is the last in shampoo least of all. Most of all contains in modern shampoos the Sodium sulfate Lauryl. This washing substance is very cheap and is made of palm oil and oil. Substance is absorbed in head skin that is not absolutely safe for health. Sulfate can have also other names. For example, TEALaurethSulfate, TEALaurilSulfate, SodiumLaurethSulfate, SodiumLaurilSulfate, AmmoniumLaurethSulfatei AmmoniumLaurilSulfate. All these names designate one – sulfate content as a part of shampoo. If desired it is possible to find the shampoos which are not containing sulfates. Usually it is natural and organic means. Such means have the international certificate confirming quality of shampoo. Sulfate in such shampoos is replaced with natural analogs. For example, such substances as kokoglyukozid, glucoside laurt sulphosuccinate and lauryl. These substances are produced by means of coconut oil and glucose. Such names of substances have nothing in common with chemicals, they are quite natural. Natural shampoos give much less foam, than their artificial analogs, however it does not affect quality of washing of hair at all.

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