What shape of nails is fashionable now

What shape of nails is fashionable now

"Daily the fashion changes" - it is sung in the old variety song. This statement can be carried also to fashion trends in manicure. Color and tone of varnish, form and length of nails change from season by season. It is difficult to follow transience of fashion, but it is possible to try nevertheless.

Farewell creative and aggression

Fashionable shapes of nails of last seasons – square, the pointed peaks and magnificent length with decorative excesses - go to oblivion. Specialists in nail extension have to shudder – today long acrylic and obviously not on trend gel marigold. Alas, even the most beautiful, but excessive and inconvenient manicure quickly bothers. And again there is a wish for something simple and modest. Only the square shape still stays afloat as version service jacket manicure, but obviously gives in and passes into the background, conceding the first place to smooth, reserved lines and acceptable length.

Shape of nails – fashion trends

The main trend of this season – naturalness, naturalness and practicality. Now the most fashionable shape of nails – oval and amygdaloid. Building is not welcomed too – better to keep naturalness of form and healthy condition of nails. Therefore designers of manicure offer new image – modest, comfortable, convenient for the house and office. It is short length (no more than 3 mm from fingertip) and the natural rounded-off or almond-shaped form.

Cosmetologists recommend to do not the usual, and sparing European manicure in salon. At which cuticles are not cut off, and just processed by apricot stick, special liquids and creams for cuticles. At modern modest design such type of processing becomes the best option.

Fashionable shades of manicure – pastel and red

To the modest length and natural form the designers suggest to add one more new detail - pastel shades of varnish. White, cream, coffee with milk, milk-pink, color of baked milk, etc. But also lovers of bright manicure should not be upset at all. Colourful, rich colors of varnish remain in fashion and in this season. On trend all shades lemon, lime, coral, orange and especially red color. The last – peep of season. Classical scarlet manicure today very at the height of fashion, especially in combination with lipstick of the same shade.

The French manicure - timeless classics in new execution

The service jacket manicure, or French, remains in fashion already several seasons. The modesty and at the same time showiness of such image, probably, is safe therefore it continues to be demanded at fashionistas. But in the last season the designers suggest to create new image service jacket manicure – to change classical white color of hole with bright and juicy shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team