What soap is suitable for dry skin

What soap is suitable for dry skin

Some people suffer from dryness of skin which amplifies in frosty days. At most of them skin dry by nature therefore they should moisten constantly it with various creams and cosmetic milk. However the few know that the problem of dryness can be solved with the help of the moisturizing soap which needs to be picked up taking into account all features of the skin.

Harmful soap

People with dry skin should not use the traditional soap rendering on it rather rigid and aggressive influence provoking dryness and peeling of epidermis. The main components of such soap are various vegetable and animal fats, and its pH-factor makes about 9 that is very harmful to dry skin.

Dermatologists do not recommend to people not to use antibacterial soap with dry skin – it does it drier and can lead to eczema of hands.

The same concerns and washed with superfatting to additives. Its main ingredients are lanolin, cold cream, cocoa butter and other fats which leave oily film on skin, but do not humidify it. On the contrary – moisture from air ceases to get into skin therefore the dryness becomes constant and it becomes much more difficult to get rid of it.

We choose the correct soap

Dry skin requires periodic moistening. Transparent soap which part glycerin and fats are is ideal for it. It is considered the best for dry and sensitive skin as the maintenance of waterless component in it makes much less than 50%. If skin all the same remains dry, dermatologists recommend to buy the medicinal soap welded on special compounding.

Medicinal soap can be bought in drugstore according to the recipe, and its cost usually exceeds the price of analogs.

Also excellent moisturizing soap can be made independently, having added to it number of oils which render magnificent effect on dry skin. So, jojoba oil regenerates and recovers the injured epidermis, at the same time reducing the drying impact of soap on skin. The oil of rice bran which is quickly removing dryness and irritations has the good moistening properties. Oil of grape seeds tones up and refreshes skin, does it elastic and elastic due to deep moisturizing and antioxidant influence. Oil of mango protects skin from dehydration, covering it with hydrolipidic film and humidifying throughout long time. And, at last, olive oil which is considered the most popular for house moistening of skin. It renders the intensive nutritious and moistening effect, prevents appearance of wrinkles, quickly obrazovyvayushchikhsya on dry skin and also softly removes irritation from the reddened sites of epidermis.

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