What spirits happen

What spirits happen

There are several classifications of the spirits helping buyers it is better to be guided in perfumery variety. Spirits differ on time of their use and situation for which they are intended. However the most informative is the classification based on the prevailing aroma notes.


Flower perfume is, perhaps, the most popular perfumery family. The vast majority of his representatives intend to women. Fair sex likes to smell sweet as rose, jasmine, orange color, lily of the valley and gardenia. However, there are also more reserved men's flower fragrances at which there are mimosa or lavender.


As follows from the name, the main note in fruit family of spirits are various gifts of the nature. Apple, plum, melon, treat and grapes form the basis of sweet and seductive aromas. To fruit carry also the berry spirits smelling of raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant. Playful berry aromas are preferred most often by absolutely young persons, and more difficult fruit spirits have fans of all age.

Women use fruit aromas mainly. Men's fruit fragrance meets seldom.


Citrus spirits allocate in separate group. These are fresh and solar aromas which are loved by both men, and women. The major role in citrus perfume is played by lemon, tangerine, lime, grapefruit and other, more exotic grades.

Citrus aromas perfectly approach as sports perfume as keep pleasant smell and during physical activities.


The gentle aroma of green tea, bitterish grass, warm slanted hay and fresh foliage after rain are notes of which there are green spirits. Representatives of both sexes, which is not surprising use such spirits. These pleasant light smells are ideal for carrying in the afternoon – they unostentatious and help not to lose touch with the nature even in the megalopolis.


Men's wood fragrance is most widely provided though ladies can also choose for themselves interesting options. These are strict, but at the same time the warm and sensual spirits which are smelling sweet as sandal-wood tree, pink bush, musk and bark of various breeds of tree.


East aromas – bewitching and seductive. No wonder, the main components of similar perfume are spices. Vanilla, cinnamon, almonds and patchouli shroud the owner in secret.

Chypre aromas

Chypre spirits are associated with freshness and cool, but not thoughtless as perfume of green family, and reserved and elegant. In chypre aromas it is possible to hear oak moss, bergamot, sage, incense.

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