What tattoo to make on neck

What tattoo to make on neck

considered earlier that tattoos - prerogative only men. But young girls also actively apply various sketches on the body. The most popular part of body for tattoos - neck.


  1. The place on neck behind for tattoos is chosen not just like that. First, the tattoo will beautifully emphasize graceful neck. Secondly, it is very easy to hide this place under hair, beautiful scarf or collar of shirt.
  2. The tattoo pattern on neck for girls needs to be selected scrupulously. Very often various images are applied to the body by bohemians, for example, artists. The image has to express character of the girl, bear certain sense and to be beautiful. Values of tattoos on neck can be various.
  3. If you want to apply any hieroglyph on neck, surely study its value, the master has to execute such tattoo calligraphical. Therefore it is worth looking for the professional tattooer. Tattoos do for the rest of life.
  4. For girls Latin expressions and aphorisms are considered as very popular tattoos. Very relevant expression Dum spiro – credo is deciphered as So far I breathe — I believe. Most often girls apply symbols of eternal values on the body: world, justice, honor, love. But tattoos in the form of constellations are considered as the most relevant. It is very fashionable.
  5. Men's tattoos usually have the features. Very beautifully and courageously the tattoos put sideways necks look. The tattoo can always be hidden under shirt collar if you gather for interview or for work.
  6. Men often prefer to apply on the body religious symbols and also inscriptions in foreign languages. They also like to use as sketches of the image of various predatory animals, for example, wolf. Everything that will emphasize courage and strength of the man, perfectly will approach as tattoo.
  7. Tattoo on neck which represents dragon, - excellent option. Symbols of skulls and various crosses are rather often used. Especially such motives are popular among admirers of rock music and musicians.
  8. The tattoo with snake means the power and courage of the owner. The Celtic crosses are considered as symbols of spiritual development. It is also possible to apply on neck various intertwining patterns, motive of barbed wire, skull.
  9. Also very originally and symbolically various dates look on male neck: date of birth of the child, date of marriage. Very creatively imitation of cuts and gaps on neck looks. Tattoos on neck look often very effectively and beautifully. If you have decided to make to yourself tattoo, it is desirable to look for the good master.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team