What technologies of hair extension happen

What technologies of hair extension happen

Hair extension — opportunity to make hair long and volume, without doing harm. The increased hair can be painted, stacked, washed and cut. They differ in nothing from natural. And this procedure will make the woman irresistible in several hours. Set of technologies of hair extension set thinking what way it is better to choose.

Capsular hair extension

The set of subspecies has this appearance of building. Different technologies of fastening give the chance to pick up ideal option for the hair. It is possible to do as cold, and we heat by methods. It should be taken into account all technologies of capsular building.

Technology of hair extension with use of metal beads

Fastening to hair happens thanks to special ceramic-metal beads. Beads are selected individually for each woman proceeding from color of own hair. This method is considered one of the best as the hair is influenced by neither glue, nor special substances for fastening of the increased hair.

English technology of hair extension

Consists in gluing of artificial hair to natural special pitch or glue. It is technology of hot building. Building happens on temporal and occipital parts of the head. Advantage of technology — possibility of adjustment and correction. Hair can be removed special solution and to re-stick in process of growth of the hair. Minus of the procedure it is possible to call easy schesyvaniye of the increased locks.

Spanish technology of hair extension

The equipment suitable only blondes. Hair are attached by means of the glue which is growing white in process of drying. On dark hair of the capsule will be strongly noticeable. Correction of hairstyle becomes time in 4 months. At the Spanish technology it is impossible to visit the pool, sunbed and sauna.

Italian technology of hair extension

For the Italian technology the most high-quality hair on which special pitch capsules are already applied are used. That to activate them and to make sticky, masters use heating nippers. By means of nippers it is possible to give either roundish, or flat form of capsules. They are imperceptible on hair, well keep and do not disturb when combing.

French technology of hair extension

It is almost identical with the Spanish technology. The difference is that dye is added to the capsule, allowing to apply technology to all shades of hair.

Tape hair extension

The fastest type of building. Sometimes for all work 30 min. will be required. It is cold technology of building as fastening happens on special adhesive tape. Any special equipment for it like building is not required. Clay is not mean to hair, and removal happens to the help of special structure.

Method pluses:

  1. The safest way of hair extension. It is completely harmless to hair.
  2. It is not necessary to limit itself in anything. It is possible to go to baths, saunas, pools and sunbed, without being afraid that locks will disappear.

Method minuses:

It is impossible to do some types of hairstyles. It is necessary to limit itself because places of fastening of the increased hair can be in certain cases noticeable.

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