What the hairstyle ""cascade"" differs from ""short flight of stairs"" in

What the hairstyle ""cascade"" differs from ""short flight of stairs"" in

Many fashionistas like to experiment with the hair. One of the most widespread experiments is the hairstyle of hair. "Short flight of stairs", and "cascade" - quite similar models, but also at them are the distinctions.

Hairstyles are "short flight of stairs" and "cascade" the most popular because of the universality. They equally well look both on short, and on long hair, at any face type and can become both on straight lines, and on curly hair.

Both "short flight of stairs", and "cascade" are applied, first of all, to giving of volume. These hairstyles perfectly are suitable for those girls who want to change appearance, without mentioning length of hair. At similarity of these parameters and the general simplicity of the equipment of these two models, "cascade" and "short flight of stairs" very much differ.

"Short flight of stairs" is known long ago and constantly demanded. Often it is called still "gradient". It represents multistage multilayer hairstyle at which locks of hair remind steps. From here also the name has gone. The simplest equipment is in collecting hair in tail on the top or in front and to truncate it at one stroke scissors. To tonsure the child or the person with curly hair of it can be quite enough. Real "short flight of stairs" assumes division of hair into locks and cutting next so that each following was slightly longer than previous. Any master, even beginner, with ease will execute hairstyle "short flight of stairs". "Cascade" is more difficult in workmanship. Analog of cascade hairstyle – the she-wolf model well-known in Soviet period. Locks at temples shorter, lower – are longer; as a result the person looks in frame of locks of hair of different length. One more characteristic – transition between the different length of locks is not concealed as at hairstyle "short flight of stairs", and it is emphasized. The sticking-out locks of different length – special highlight of cascade hairstyle. And with hairstyle "short flight of stairs", and "cascade" process of laying can make miracles, considerably having altered all image. From severity to levity, all ranges are subject to these hairstyles with any length of hair.

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