What to dissolve nail varnish with

What to dissolve nail varnish with

Dried up or even the hardened nail varnish is very frequent phenomenon. Such varnish dense, dense and viscous. It covers nail unevenly, leaves strips. Happens very offensively when there is a lot more varnish, and it is beautiful to make up it nails it is impossible.

It is required to you

  • Nail varnish, liquid for varnish removal, acetone.


1. Special liquid which evaporates at each untwisting of cover is part of varnish. Because of it even the most quality varnish gets denser over time. At decorative varnishes of different firms the stability period different: some varnishes get denser in month or one and a half, and others keep excellent consistence within 4-6 months.

2. If in jar with varnish there are special metal balls, their periodic potryakhivaniye helps to keep liquid consistence. Balls are capable to break the clots which are formed at long storage of nail varnish.

3. For dilution of nail varnish there is special liquid. It is produced by the firms specializing on professional cosmetics on nail and hands care. It is very simple to use liquid: add couple of drops to bottle with varnish, twirl cover and shake. Such thinner prolongs the term of the thickened varnish for one month. After that process of solidification is resumed. If you add solvent again, the structure of varnish will exchange and it cannot be used.

4. Of course, nail varnish can be diluted with acetone or liquid for varnish removal. But consider that almost at once varnish changes because of it the structure. Already through two-three of days it will become non-uniform, and when drawing will strongly peel off from nail plate. It occurs because liquid for removal of varnish contains substances which destroy this varnish. Therefore such way of cultivation of varnish approaches only if it is necessary to make manicure with color covering, and other varnish is unavailable.

5. Consider if you dissolve varnish with acetone, color of varnish will stop being bright and saturated. Therefore do not dilute varnish with too large amount of substance. And as a result of long use of the varnish divorced acetone be ready to such consequence as yellowing of nails, fragility, stratification and delay of growth of nail plates, loss of natural gloss of surface of nail.

6. For increase in service life of nail varnish you store it in the fridge or in dark box of table. It is important to remove varnish far away from direct sunshine. Do not put bottle near the battery or other heating devices. At high temperature liquid from varnish evaporates quicker, and varnish soon dries up. You keep varnishes in vertical position. If the bottle lies, varnish in it constantly flows to and fro. After use carefully twist varnish cover.

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