What to do if baldness begins

What to do if baldness begins

Ancient considered that the bald head is not defect, and the most present evidence of wisdom of the person. Therefore nobody had complex due to the lack of head hair, and to opinion of the bald person yours faithfully all people around listened. Today such piety in relation to bald head is not kept. And if for someone it are part of image (for the sake of what hair even specially shave off), someone loss of vegetation on the head and emergence of bald spots drives in melancholy.

Hair are natural natural covering of the person. They are intended for sogrev of integuments and protection them from frosts. Naturally, with the course of evolution the excessive hairiness of the person was gone, and today large number of hair can be seen mainly on the head. Normal hair grow and are regularly replaced with new. And so occurs during all human life. Of course, by old age these processes slow down however, do not cease raise hair nevertheless. It is worth pricking up the ears if at you in day the whole scraps of hair drop out. Normal loss of hair in day has to be no more than 100 hairs.

If your hair fall the whole bunches, it does not mean that everything is lost. It is just necessary to find out the reason of it. For example, it can be nervous overfatigue, infectious or chronic disease, etc.

To panic and declare itself bald if hair begin to pour literally, is not necessary. As well as to underestimate problem. First of all it is necessary to establish problem and to understand as far as it is serious. Sometimes it is rather simple to cure chronic disease to stop temporary baldness.

Types of baldness

On intensity of hair loss, zone of defeat and many other factors the baldness is divided into several different types. Androgenetichesky type of baldness – one of the most widespread options. As a rule, so call loss of hair of parietal and frontal areas at men. At women it the type of baldness is characterized by thinning of hair in the field of hair parting. Such type is transferred genetically in this connection fight methods rather global – laser terpaiya, hair transplant, etc. The diffusion type of baldness represents rather strong, but at the same time uniform hair loss on all surface of the head. Stresses, failures in metabolism, infection and poisonings cause such pathology. It is possible to treat such type of baldness only removing the cause. The focal type is shown small, often roundish, by baldness zones on the head. However, sometimes the hair loss spontaneously stops, and the damaged sites anew grow. Most often lead nervous overloads to such type of baldness. Cicatricial type of baldness – irreversible damage of follicles on which place connecting fabric is formed. There is it in response to injuries and burns.

Anyway, what type of baldness you have delivered yourself, it is necessary to seem to the expert. It is better if it is the trichologist. However for the lack of it it is possible to go to the therapist.

What should I do?

First of all, if you planned tendency to baldness, it is necessary not to panic and not to lose courage. Physicians even suggest to include healthy indifference. Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to wave hand on problem. Just it is worth replacing the attitude towards her, and then treatment will be more effective. Until you treat the reason which has caused your baldness (and without it not to get rid of it in any way), can try to hide defect by means of various make-shifts. For example, ladies can reel up scarf on the head and think out new hairstyles. Perfectly the pile of the remained hair on problem zones helps. Naturally, wigs become excellent method. Connect various means stimulating growth of hair to treatment. So, for example, it can be grass infusions, pepper slips, etc. Such means are designed to strengthen blood circulation in head skin therefore growth of hair is stimulated. However, before use of such medicines and infusions it is necessary to consult with the doctor not to do much harm to itself even more.

It is possible with the same purpose – blood circulation stimulations – to do itself massage of the head. Remember that traffics have to be heavy, rather vigorous and fast.

Hair transplant – perhaps, the only most effective method of fight against baldness. As a rule, hair take from nape. In fact represents change of small pieces of skin with hair bulbs which are implanted in the damaged head zone. It is possible to struggle with bald head and preventive methods. To do masks on the basis of black clay, with addition of onions, garlic and pepper. Part of products stimulates blood circulation that leads to strengthening of food in roots, others feed and humidify bulbs.

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