What to do if dark circles under eyes

What to do if dark circles under eyes

Dark circles under eyes are problem of many women. But unfortunately, often we trust the solution of this problem to tone means which only mask shadows under the eyes. However there is set of the reasons of emergence of dark circles. And knowing them it is much easier to eliminate consequences.

The causes of dark circles under eyes

So, the reasons of emergence of dark circles or shadows under the eyes can be a little:

  • skin thinning with age;
  • allergic reactions;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • adverse ecological conditions;
  • chronic lack of dream;
  • liquid deduction by vessels.

To get rid of dark circles under eyes, reconsider food allowance – exclude or reduce spicy, salty and greasy food. Accustom themselves to get enough sleep and to daily make walks.

Also it is worth paying attention to your cosmetics – it is possible that dark circles under eyes only allergic reaction to low-quality products. Also it makes sense to increase in diet amount of vegetables and fruit, vitamin-rich And, With and To.

Compresses against dark circles

For reduction of dark circles under eyes it is possible to use very simple contrast compress from sage broth. On glass of boiled water take teaspoon of leaves of grass and let's infuse. Then divide broth into two parts – cool one, warm up the second. Put the cotton tampons moistened in cold and hot solution to eyes serially. Such procedure needs to be performed within month of times in two days.

For stimulation of blood circulation it is possible to impose special cold compresses on eyelids. Wrap usual ice in gauze or napkin and put for ten minutes on eyelids. It is possible to freeze the made bags of tea.

Quite good results are yielded by compress from cottage cheese – on one dessertspoon of product turn in marlechka and put on eyelids. It is necessary to hold such compress about 10 minutes. Cottage cheese very well removes hypostases, nourishes skin and has the light bleaching effect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team