What to do if eyelashes drop out

What to do if eyelashes drop out

Dense long eyelashes - the best decoration of eyes. But what to do if they have suddenly begun to thin? The reason is in lack of care for them, the wrong use of cosmetics and in unbalanced food.

Do on area of eyes compresses of infusion of camomile, sage, green tea. They tone up and takes off fatigue. And for the night grease eyelashes with one of oils (burdock, sea-buckthorn, castoric or shipovnikovy). Then massage eyelids easy movements. The good effect gives combing of eyelashes clean brush for ink. Moisten it in cosmetic oil with addition of vitamins A and E, remove surplus and comb it eyelashes. Be careful, at hit of oil in eye the irritation of conjunctiva can appear. The allergy from use of low-quality cosmetics can cause loss of eyelashes. Therefore use ink only from the famous producers. Surely you look at expiration date. Remove ink from eyelashes by means of cosmetic milk. For this purpose apply it with cotton tampon on area century. Then take several minutes that the milk has softened eyelashes, and remove easy movements, trying not to stretch skin. Grease eyelids with nutritious fat cream or mix from scarlet and castor oil (1:3).

If eyelashes drop out very intensively, then it is better to refuse use of cosmetics for the period of their restoration. Or try to put at first layer of colourless ink. It contains oils, vitamins and other useful additives which will help to reduce negative impact of the main ink. Never leave cosmetics on eyelashes for the period of dream. If the organism does not receive enough vitamins and microelements or is weakened from long disease, then it can be one of the reasons of the strengthened loss of eyelashes. Therefore you watch the food, eat daily fruit and fresh vegetables. Especially pay attention to products, vitamin-rich And yes Century. This oil, sour cream, liver, carrots, meat, eggs. It is in addition useful to carry out in the spring and in the fall treatment by vitamin and mineral complexes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team