What to do if hair as straw

What to do if hair as straw

Dry and lifeless hair - result of the wrong leaving or courageous experiments with dyes. Such locks practically do not give in to laying, puff up and look neukhozhenno. To put them in order, it is necessary to work.


  1. Hair are similar to straw? Means, the cortex is seriously injured. It is directly under scales, skintight to trunk on all length of hair. If scales reveal as a result of use of hair-dye or aggressive shampoo - detergent gets directly on core. Scales are not closed any more, and here your head of hear in a moment became fluffy and dried up.
  2. To close scales, it is necessary to wash the head with the professional smoothing shampoo. Now structures on the basis of silicone are especially popular. They are effective, but are not absolutely harmless since enveloping hair, prevent cuticle to breathe. Far more effectively and safer shampoos with proteins of silk and amino acids. Such Sunsilk has, Pantene, Syoss.
  3. Together with shampoo it is obligatory to use the conditioner and mask. The conditioner is used at daily washing, mask - 1-2 times a week. The conditioner facilitates combing of the fluffy injured hair and softens water. The mask deeply moistens hair and saturates it with nutritious components. Vitamin complexes and essential oils have to be part of mask for treatment of dry hair. You hold mask no more than 5-6 minutes, then wash away stream of warm water.
  4. If you have dry type of hair, do not squeeze out at all and do not rub locks towel after washing. It is recommended to use terry or bamboo towels: they absorb bigger amount of moisture, than cotton and synthetic. Carefully blot locks and comb wooden crest. Any metal and plastic hairbrushes and brushes! Phenom it is desirable to refuse drying too.
  5. Moisten the dried-up hair with indelible means. They possess easy extent of fixing and have thermoprotective effect. Well dyed hair is affected by indelible oils: they give brightness and shine to the chosen shade. Do not go too far, it is necessary to apply only couple of drops on palms and to evenly distribute structure on head of hear. Replace gels and varnishes with mousse and foam. Nippers and irons should be put temporarily aside till the best times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team