What to do if hair split and break

What to do if hair split and break

The splitting hair are capable to spoil appearance of the most beautiful woman. They look dry, lifeless, fragile and dim. Especially often owners of long hair face such problem. That tips did not remind straw, it should be noted several secrets on care for them.

Care for split ends

All hot laying has property to do hair drier and fragile. If you want to avoid emergence of the splitting ends, do not abuse the hair dryer, irons, the curling iron. No more than two times a week are desirable to use them not to do much harm to the head of hear. Do not forget about means for creation of hairstyles with thermoprotective effect.

Cut tips of times in 1-2 months. Even if you grow hair, their length more considerably will increase if you once a month refresh the ends on 0.5 cm. And their appearance at the same time will be much better. The hairstyle hot scissors during which the ends of hair are soldered under the influence of hot steel is useful to the problem ends.

The best way of fight against split ends - monthly straightening of hair.

Use the special soldering gels and serums for the splitting ends which smooth hair scales, facilitate combing. Hairs become shiny, well-groomed and cease to break.

There is set of recipes of masks for the splitting ends of their natural ingredients. Choose the!

What to do that hair were less fragile

That hair were strong broke less, do not comb them right after to wash. When they completely dry, it is necessary to apply on them the moisturizing indelible spray and to comb carefully on all length, since tips. Try to use less often elastic bands, hairpins and clips for hair, they injure your curls, by the way, as well as incorrectly chosen hairbrushes. Flowing hair receives necessary amount of oxygen, and, so they will not split and break. Protect hair from direct influence of the sun and frosty air. Influence of frost and ultraviolet leads to the fact that hair become thinner, begin to be electrified, hair become brittle.

Healthy lifestyle - healthy hair

The way of life always affects appearance. That hair were strong and beautiful, and tips - healthy and not splitting, it is necessary to drink in day enough liquid (6-8 glasses of water, besides tea and coffee), is correct and balanced to eat and also to have sufficient physical activity. Observe day regimen and you sleep not less than eight hours a day. All this in the best way will be reflected in condition of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team