What to do if hair very strongly split and dry

What to do if hair very strongly split and dry

The beautiful hairstyle is pride of the woman, one of elements of its appeal. However because of adverse external factors, too frequent use of means for laying, improper feeding and stresses hair often begin to split and dry strongly. In that case they should be helped.

Professional help

One of radical ways to help the dry and splitting hair – to tonsure them. It is necessary that the stratification which has begun on tips has not extended to all length of hair. Hairdressers recommend hairstyle of dry hair once in one and a half months, and fat – once in three months.

The best option for the splitting curls – hairstyle hot scissors. At this procedure the tips of hair are melted off that keeps moisture and nutrients inside. After hairstyle the hair grow at hot scissors quicker, become elastic, healthy and strong.

Beauty shops offer set of procedures for improvement of condition of the dry and splitting hair. One of the most popular – lamination. After this procedure each hair is covered with the smoothing and protective film. Lamination does head of hear silky, smooth and brilliant.

Treatment by house means

If you have no opportunity to address professionals for treatment of hair, try means of house preparation. One of the most popular means – mask with burdock oil. For its preparation slightly warm up 2 tablespoons of burdock oil on water bath and add 2 yolks. Apply mix on moist hair, paying special attention to roots and tips. Then wrap up the head with polyethylene and towel, and leave mask for half an hour. Wash away means cool water with small amount of shampoo. Burdock oil contains large amount of the active agents recovering the injured hair. If you have no time to do masks, add several drops of oil to single portion of shampoo before washing of hair. It is not recommended to pour in oil in bottle with shampoo since it can cause its stratification. Well the dry and injured mask hair from kefir and curdled milk treat. These fermented milk products apply on moist hair, plentifully impregnating dry tips. Hold such masks half an hour-hour, then wash away water or broth of camomile. For food and moistening of hair it is possible to use mask from 2-3 yolks and 2-3 tablespoons of castor oil. Apply mix on hair and wrap up the head with polyethylene. It is possible to wash away mask in 3 hours. Quick help to the injured and dry hair will be rendered by mask with honey and olive oil. Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid honey with 1 yolk and 2 tablespoons of olive oil of cold extraction. Distribute mix on all length of hair, warm the head and you hold mask hour.

General recommendations

You descend to the trichologist who will appoint treatment and also will recommend vitamin complex for improvement of condition of your hair. Perhaps, he will recommend to see other doctor since problems with hair can arise because of some diseases. Reconsider the diet – the dryness and section of hair can be caused by improper feeding. Exclude fat, sweet, sharp, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, canned food, fast food. Use more fresh vegetables and fruit which will provide your hair with vitamins. You carry headdresses - do not subject hair to influence of frost and ultraviolet. To injure less hair, use hairbrushes from tree or bristle. Do not wash the head with too hot water – it strongly dries up hair.

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