What to do if nails exfoliate? Councils and recipes

What to do if nails exfoliate? Councils and recipes

The exfoliating nails look not too tidily and esthetically. Besides, manicure in this case should be done only in light tones and it keeps much less long time. But the most important – the exfoliating nails usually testify to lack of nutrients of organism therefore such problem cannot be disregarded.

The reason of the exfoliating nails always is in the state of health of the person. As a rule, they signal that in organism there are no vitamins, microelements and other nutrients. That is why when flaking nail plate it is necessary to reconsider the food. It is necessary to include in diet as much as possible milk products, they contain the calcium necessary for the normal state of nails. But the fat-free products here will help nothing as this microelement fully only in the place with fats is acquired. That is why for healthy nails it is important to use fat cottage cheese with sour cream.

For increase in amount of calcium in organism it is useful to eat bananas and sesame seed also.

Again to go with beautiful manicure, it is also necessary not to forget about proteins which are acquired best of all from seafood, fish and eggs. They contain also in meat. The condition of nails depends also on quantity in organism of vitamins of group B and D. The last contains in calves, liver and is developed by organism independently under the influence of sunshine.

It is in addition important to eat more vegetables and fruit – sources of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for human health. It is obligatory to include in diet also grain, nuts and sunflower seeds. In the winter and it is useful to spend on drink polyvitamins in the spring, but it is better to do it after consultation with the doctor. To improve condition of nails, it is important to look after them correctly. If the nail plate exfoliates, manicure needs to be done once a week, accurately filing it files from abrasive materials, for example, glass. Movements at the same time it is necessary to make one party. Varnishes at problems with nails is not recommended to be used – better to give preference to the strengthening structures. At strong sloyeniye in manicure salon it is possible to undergo the procedure of closing of nail plate by special structure which contains many vitamins and useful substances. Thanks to it nails will begin to look much more esthetic and will become healthier. It is possible to look after the exfoliating nails and in house conditions, processing them several times a week lemon juice and iodine. It is also useful to do for them salt baths. For this purpose 1 h the spoon of sea salt should be dissolved in glass of warm water and to take in this solution nails not less than 15 minutes. The procedure it is desirable will repeat 3-4 times a week. After it hands should be greased with the nutritious or moisturizing cream.

Frequent housework can also lead to flaking of nail plate therefore when using cleaners it is important to put on gloves. It is necessary to protect nails and from too hot water.

Help to strengthen nails and natural oils. For example, means from not refined olive oil and lemon juice in proportion 3:1 is effective. It should be rubbed for the night in nail plate and to put on cotton gloves. And for the morning to wash away the remains soap and to apply nutritious cream on hands. It is also possible to use sesame oil. And liquid vitamin E which needs to be rubbed in nails is still effective and to leave for 3-4 hours.

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