What to do if oily hair

What to do if oily hair

Oily hair creates array of problems. Such hair should be washed every day that there was no greasy luster. But trichologists – experts in the field of hair care consider that it is not difficult to solve problem of oily hair. It is only necessary to conform to the simple rules and to regularly use suitable care products.

Excessive secretion of sebaceous glands which are in hair follicles is the reason of oily hair. It can be caused by metabolic disorder, improper feeding or irritability of head skin. To solve problem of oily hair and to normalize metabolism, it is necessary to adhere to special diet. Try to minimize consumption of animal fats and carbohydrates. Eat less sugar, fancy bread, potatoes. Include in diet fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, low-fat meat and also the food rich with iron.

Also oily hair, or rather head skin, can be just genetic predisposition. In this case regular leaving is necessary: correct washing, masks, use of natural natural extracts. Wash the head every three days. For this purpose it is desirable to use professional oily hair shampoo as it not only cleans hair, but also regulates sebaceous secretion. For washing use cool water as hot water strengthens work of sebaceous glands. Before washing of the head it is possible to rub the degreasing means in skin: aloe juice, curdled milk. After cleaning of hair use the conditioner or self-made conditioner which will acidify skin. For fair hair it is necessary to part 4 tablespoons of infusion of camomile and 1 teaspoon of juice of lemon in one liter of water. If you have dark hair, use 1 tablespoon of vinegar on water liter.

You do not dry hair phenom, and let's them dry independently. But if laying is necessary, do it on moist hair, but not on wet. Not to irritate head skin use hairbrushes with the teeth which are rounded off on the ends. If home care does not bring results, address to beauty shop. Experts will advise the treatment method suitable you.

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